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PING Podcast Episode 5 Covers the World of Youth Golf

Shane Bacon and Marty Jertson our back for another week to enlighten their listeners, this week they are talking to parents. Episode 5 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast covers the world of youth golf, tips on getting your kid involved in golf, and how you can take advantage of the Get Golf Going Program.

What Not To Do

When a kid wants to get involved in golf parents typically resort to one of two things. One is giving their kid Dad’s old cut-down clubs, and the other would be to buy clubs too big knowing that their kid will grow into them. These are both understandable solutions as they will save money in the long run, but it is not how a kid should start golfing. The problem with these is that the clubs will be too big, too heavy, and a kid will not be able to properly develop their game with disproportionately fit clubs. It is crucial that a kid has clubs that fit them correctly in order to truly begin to hone their golf skills.

Get Golf Going Program

Though it is recommended, the idea of getting fitted clubs for a child is not popular among parents. Two main reasons, it’s expensive, and a kid will just outgrow the clubs. Luckily PING was aware of this problem and they set out to find a solution, this sparked the creation of the Get Golf Going Program. The concept of the Get Golf Going Program is quite simple while providing a perfect solution to the problem. For kids to participate in the Get Golf Going Program they need to get fitted and purchase PING ProdiG junior clubs. When they inevitably outgrow the clubs then Parents can send them back to PING. PING will then reweight, regrip, and lengthen the clubs before they send them back to you. The Getting Golf Going Program is a win-win because parents save money and kids get the clubs they need.

Other Tips to Get Your Kid Golfing

The Get Golf Going Program is innovative and relieves a lot of pressure as a parent though there are still some details to be ironed out as a parent. Details like what exact clubs you’re going to buy and what you do once your child outgrows the largest PING ProdiG. Luckily Shane and Marty give their best tips as parents and PING professionals. First of all, they strongly advise against purchasing a full 14-club set for your child. If your kid drives less than 120 then they recommend starting them off with only 3 clubs, a driver, a five hybrid, and a nine iron. The rest of the clubs can be filled in along the way as needed when the kid starts to develop gaps between their clubs. Shane and Marty emphasize that you do not need many clubs to get your kid started and that buying a full 14-club set would be a waste.

Unfortunately, the day will come when your child outgrows the largest size of PING ProdiG and then they will no longer qualify for the Get Golf Going Program. This typically happens around age 14 and it can put kids in a weird place where they are tall enough to use adult clubs but they are not strong enough to swing them. PING’s solution to this is the HL series clubs. HL series clubs are full-length clubs with a lighter head weight that allows older kids and young adults to swing them effectively. The HL series clubs are another way that PING has managed to make golf more accessible for children

The PING Proving Grounds Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Shane Bacon and Marty Jertson that gives listeners an in-depth perspective on various aspects of the golf world. The world of youth golf is changing with some of PING’s inventive ideas and if you’d like to hear them yourself, listen to PING Podcast Episode 5. Get fitted for PING clubs today at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex featuring their state-of-the-art Player Performance Studio.

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