Callaway Paradym STD vs. Paradym X

Callaway Posted a Video Where They Compare the Paradym Standard Driver to the Paradym X Driver

Callaway posted a video hosted by Johnny Wunder where he compared the Callaway Paradym Standard Driver to the Callaway Paradym X Driver. Johnny talks about the differences in each of the clubs while he discovers which club works best for him.

Callaway Paradym STD

The Paradym Standard lives up to its name as its design is pretty standard. It isn’t designed to do anything other than what you’d expect from a driver, to launch a ball straight and long off the tee box. Although it does include a unique feature, a slider that when adjusted can give the club draw. Johnny Wunder hit very consistently with the Paradym Standard and was able to hit it straight, far, and with high amounts of spin. When he adjusted the slider he was still hitting consistently and with the right amount of draw. Overall the Paradym Standard was a great club for Johnny that did exactly what it needed to do and allowed him to perform to the best of his abilities.

Callaway Paradym X

The Paradym X is of course different from the Paradym Standard, but how? Well the Paradym X is designed to have some natural draw on it rather than just going straight. It also has the same slider that we see on the Paradym Standard that allows you to adjust the draw. With the slider on the Paradym X, you can get more draw than possible on the standard. Johnny Wunder was able to hit well with the Paradym X but he was not as consistent as he was with the standard. He also got a drastically lower spin rate with the X while being unable to get much more draw.

Johnny Wunder preferred the Callaway Paradym Standard to the Callaway Paradym X though he does not believe that either is necessarily a better club. Every golfer is different and what works for one golfer may not work for you. That is why it is important for every golfer to get fitted and find oiut what wokrs best for them. Schedule a club fitting for yourself at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

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