Callaway CB Wedge Innovates Short Game Technology

The New Callaway CB Wedge is Now Available

Crafted by the renowned golf experts at Callaway, the CB Wedge is designed to provide exceptional forgiveness and an impressive spin and feel for your short game. Engineered with player-friendly shaping, advanced feel technologies, and the most aggressive groove in golf, this wedge profile is tailored to instill maximum confidence in players seeking exceptional performance in their short game.

Player-Friendly Shaping and Design

The CB Wedge features a cavity-back design, presenting a more approachable shape at the address, improving playability for all types of wedge shots. With an increased head size and grooves spanning the face, it instills a sense of confidence upon setup. The sole incorporates a pre-worn leading-edge, acting as a skid plate to prevent excessive digging, while the higher bounce contributes to further forgiveness.

Game Changing Construction

Introducing a groundbreaking feature to Callaway Wedges, the CB incorporates Urethane Microspheres. These microspheres are strategically positioned behind the striking area of the face, elevating feel and sound, and resulting in an exceptionally gratifying cavity back wedge experience.

Jaws Grooves

The CB Wedge is equipped with Jaws grooves, known as the most aggressive grooves in the golfing realm. The face has undergone a face blast treatment to enhance surface roughness, promoting optimal spin on short shots around the green. These grooves extend across the face, ensuring consistent groove-to-ball contact regardless of impact location. (*Full face grooves available on 54°- 60° models)

Superior Shafts and Grips

The stock steel shaft for the CB Wedge is the True Temper Elevate 95, while graphite alternatives are offered, such as the Project X Catalyst (65g) and UST F1 (WMS flex). Callaway has collaborated with Golf Pride to develop an exceptional wedge grip, featuring an elongated design. These longer grips grant players the option to choke down on the club, enhancing control over distance.

The Callaway CB Wedge incorporates cutting-edge golf technology and is guaranteed to elevate any golfer’s short game. To acquire this innovative wedge, visit the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop or purchase online through Morton Golf Sales. Embrace the new Callaway CB Wedge, and witness not only an upgrade to your equipment but also an enhancement in your performance.

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