Which Putter Hosel Should You Play?

Chris Trott From The TaylorMade Team Shares His Expertise on Different Putter Hosels

The world of golf can be overwhelming, especially with all the different product variations to choose from. Chris Trott and the TaylorMade Team help relieve some of that stress by giving advice on what putter you should be looking for. Trott talked about the two main styles of putting and how they should affect your putter selection. Chris demonstrated the two styles by using the GTX Putter with different hosels while explaining why certain hosels work better for certain putting styles.

Single Bend Putter Hosel

The first putter hosel that Trott covered was the single bend hosel. Putters with a single bend hosel also have a flat clubface. This means the hosel works best for people who line up with the ball directly below their eyes. A good way to test this is to set a ball down and get into your putting stance. Then grab a second ball and drop it straight down from the bridge of your nose, it should hit the first ball. This stance creates a straight back-and-forth putting motion with very little variance. The single bend putter hosel keeps the clubface square to the ball and helps the golfer stay accurate and consistent.

Short Slant Putter Hosel

The second putter hosel that Trott covered was the short slant putter hosel. The putters with the short slant hosel have a toe that is at a slight angle. This adjustment means it is better for golfers who putt with their eyes between their toes and the golf ball. This stance creates a bit of an arc in their putting motion and is not always as consistent as a straight back-and-forth motion. The short slant hosel can correct this arc and help a golfer become more accurate with a higher degree of consistency.

Hosel technology is innovative and can really help a golfer enhance their game. But if you don’t know which hosel works best for you then you will not be able to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art technology. Luckily TaylorMade and Chris Trott are able to guide golfers toward finding the equipment that brings out their potential.

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