Complete Breakdown Of the All-New Mizuno Golf JPX921 Series Irons – Discover Which is Best For Your Game!

The new Mizuno JPX921 iron series is out and, as expected, they are beautiful, but there are 4 variations, each designed for a specific type of player, so which one is best for you? 

Well, we’re here to break each one down just for you to be able to choose with confidence the iron that will best fit your game! 

Let’s dive right in. 


Let’s start out with an overview of all the basic features that are synonymous with the entire series. 

The Mizuno JPX921 series irons are engineered for performance as the brand’s newest game improvement iron that still carries the beautiful aesthetic and incredible feel of a Mizuno that they are so well known for. 

These irons were designed to be able to fit any player from the weekend warrior to the tour pro with their performance-enhancing design, feel, and versatility that is achieved through the different models.

Additionally, these clubs to some extent are based around going back to basics with softer lofts and a larger reliance on engineering, workability, forgiveness, and some skill of course.  

As for the variants of the JPX0921 irons, we have the following: 

  • Mizuno Golf JPX921 Tour Irons
  • Mizuno Golf JPX921 Forged Irons
  • Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Irons
  • Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Pro Irons

And with that, let’s dive into which model fits which player by breaking them down one by one. 

JPX921 Tour Irons – “The Chosen One” 

First off we have the JPX921 Tour Irons that are the newest iteration of the JPX tour model which is historically their most popular model among non-contracted pros. 

The new JPS921 Tour maintains its predecessors’ surprising fusion of precision with stability from off-center hits giving you maximum forgiveness.

Additionally, these are engineered for straighter ball flight using their Stability Frame with toe bias weighting that strategically manipulates the center of gravity to give you a more “true” golf shot. 

These clubs have a thicker cavity pad that is designed for that well known Mizuno feel, but now, you can feel it for a fraction longer, giving you the feedback you need to better know your golf game. 

Ultimately, this club is, as stated above, popular among pros and typically recommended for scratch to low handicap golfers that want workability as well as consistency. 

JPX921 Forged Irons

For the first time ever, Mizuno has integrated the power of chromology into a full-body forged iron with the JPX921 forged irons. 

As a result, testing has shown these irons to have the fastest ball speed Mizuno has ever produced with a forged iron.

These irons are grain flow forged in Hiroshima and packed with an engineered design to make you love your time out in the course and your scorecard!

Although they have a smaller clubhead, a wider back milled slot increases stability and gives you more forgiveness on off-center hits. 

Additionally, the chromology 4120 gives you a 35% increase in COR area because it allows the clubface to be up to .5mm thinner giving it the fastest peak and average ball speeds from a full-body forged iron. 

As opposed to the tour, this iron has less extreme toe weighting, with additional perimeter weighting that still has toe bias for even more forgiveness against off-center strikes. 

These irons are for the mid to low handicap golfers, as well as tour players that want that buttery forged feel, but with features and engineering for forgiveness and control. 

JPX921 Hot Metal/Pro Irons

The JPX921 Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro irons combine Mizuno’s fastest ever ball speed with straight flight and even more control for essentially a “triple threat” that is engineered for the average golfer. 

Also using chomology (but not fully forged) the JPX921 irons has the most complex face geometry to date that comes together to add additional energy to the ball when it comes off the face. 

The difference here between the pro and the standard version of the Hot Metal Irons is that the pro comes with all the same features in a more compact profile with reduced offset.

Hot Metal Irons

Hot Metal Pro Irons

Using Mizuno’s Stability Frame, these irons feature extreme perimeter weighting with toe bias for ultimate forgiveness on off-center strikes. 

Additionally, the re-engineered COR-TECH seamless cup face is now .2mm thinner across the center point giving you more ball speed and distance. 

Lastly, the Hot Metal irons also have a variable thickness sole design that gives even more face flex and ball speed, squeezing even more distance out of your swing. 

Ultimately these irons are the game improvement irons engineered for the mid to high handicap golfers that want the incredible feel of a Mizuno with forgiveness and distances that they have never seen before! 

And there you have it! 

Now you have everything you need to know which club fits your game best so that you can get the newest iteration of Mizuno irons that fit your game perfectly. 

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