20 Myths About Golf: ANALYZED

In the world of golf, there are a lot of myths that we hear from our peers, parents, and online resources that, whether or not you realize it, may be affecting your golf game.

So, we decided to break down the top 20 myths that we hear and analyze them to see if they are true or false. Check them out below to see which ones you know and whether or not you should believe them!

  1. You Should Always Keep Your Feet Still

Verdict: False

Explanation: You’ll often see this advice given to new and inexperienced golfers. On the surface it’s not terrible advice to stay away from Happy Gilmore swings. However, it is not true that you should never move your feet. Throughout your golf swing your weight shifts and transfers between your feet. Looking at any golf professional you’ll see that bringing your heels off the ground is very common and can help produce a more fluid swing. 

  1. You Should Change Balls in Cold Weather

Verdict: False

Explanation: Many golfers swear by switching out their regular golf balls for a lower compression model when they play in cold weather. We went ahead and tested this theory previously in THIS study. Our results showed there is no realistic temperature that would affect golf ball compression enough to change balls.

  1. Golf is Not a Sport

Verdict: False

Explanation: Come on, do we really have to explain this one? If there’s any gym bros reading this article who don’t believe us, we challenge you to go out to a driving range and hit a hundred shots. You WILL be sore in the morning. Golf is a sport. 

  1. Your Golf Bag Matters

Verdict: True

Explanation: Many golfers choose to cheap out when it comes to their golf bags. While bags certainly make life easier with good build quality, golf bags can indeed make your performance better. Nowadays, ultralight golf bags are becoming very common. These, like THIS one from Sun Mountain, mean that by the 18th hole your shoulders won’t be sore from carrying a heavy golf bag. 

  1. You Shouldn’t Play a Round of Golf Unless You’re Good

Verdict: False

Explanation: This one is false for obvious reasons. Every golfer needs to start somewhere. Nearly all golf courses do not embody the judgemental stereotype that non-golfers attribute to them. As the famous saying goes, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great”. 

  1. Equipment Doesn’t Matter

Verdict: False

Explanation: There is certainly truth to the idea that the greatest limiting factor for any golfer is themself. However, equipment is highly important. Whether it’s properly fit clubs, the correct compression ball, or even just golf shoes, even the little things can have very tangible results on your performance. 

  1. Lower Loft Goes Farther

Verdict: False

Explanation: For your standard irons this is usually the case. However, the story changes when you look at your woods. According to Ken Morton Jr., our Vice President of Retail & Marketing, most golfers error on the side of too low of a loft. Without the proper ball speed, low loft can easily result in a much shorter flight path and shorter overall distance. 

  1. Custom Fitting is For Low Handicap Players

Verdict: False

Explanation: Another common misconception is that only good golfers benefit from club fitting. This is very much inaccurate. High handicap players see huge differences with correctly fit game improvement irons. A nicely fit set of clubs can also make getting started a lot easier and more rewarding. 

  1. Always Play One Brand

Verdict: False

Explanation: We’ll be honest, we appreciate the aesthetics of a completely identical set of clubs as much as the next person. Realistically though, every smart golfer should demo and try equipment from a wide array of manufacturers. Just because you play Titleist irons, doesn’t mean the newest Titleist driver is necessarily the best fit for you. We encourage every golfer to get a proper golf fitting to determine what works best for them.

  1. Buy What the Pros Use

Verdict: False

Explanation: In the nicest way possible, the pros are better than the rest of us. The exact equipment they use is specifically engineered for their performance level. The average golfer is not best off using that same equipment. 

  1. Clothes Don’t Matter

Verdict: False

Explanation: Modern golf attire is designed to increase comfortability and flexibility. The fabrics being used allow for unrestricted golf swings. Additionally, golf polos have their sleeves cut so raising your arms above your head does not untuck them. While potentially just a small upgrade in performance, properly fit golf attire can be greatly beneficial to your golfing experience.

  1. Very Expensive to Start

Verdict: False

Explanation: Easily one of the most prevalent myths about golf is that it is too expensive to start playing. This is simply not true. You can pick up a used driver and a couple irons at any garage sale and be out on the driving range for super cheap. There are also numerous budget options when it comes to box sets nowadays. Don’t let the rumored cost be what keeps you from getting out there. 

  1. Golf Tees Matter

Verdict: Potentially True

Explanation: We actually tested this myth HERE. Our results were surprising and showed that there may be some differences. However, we recommend playing what makes you feel most comfortable and confident. 

  1. You Should Always Keep Score

Verdict: False

Explanation: Not every round of golf needs to be treated so seriously. Whether you’re just enjoying a day with some friends or are just getting started, don’t feel pressured to keep score every time. It’s totally fine to relax and have a carefree round. 

  1. Short Game is King

Verdict: True

Explanation: While the famous Nike commercial is probably right, “Chicks dig the long ball”. Truth is for the vast majority of golfers, the most wasted shots are on or near the green. Be sure to give the short game proper practice. 

  1. The Driving Range is Bad Practice

Verdict: False

Explanation: We have all heard it said at one time or another in the clubhouse. The driving range is said to be bad for your swings. This simply is not true. The driving range is a great controlled environment to work out the problems in your game. It obviously does not replace real experience out on the course, but used correctly is a great weapon in any golfer’s training arsenal. 

  1. The Titleist Pro V1 is the Best Golf Ball

Verdict: False

Explanation: At one point this may have been arguably true. Those years are long gone. Nearly every major ball manufacturer is selling a comparably modern and sophisticated ball at this point. Your best off buying a couple sleeves of several brands and seeing what works best for you.  

  1. Golf Club Grips Don’t Matter

Verdict: False

Explanation: Seen by many as a place to cut corners, golf grips are often said to be overstated in their importance. However, like the tires on a car, the grip is integral to your swing. Bad grips can not only lead to blisters, but also slipping throughout your swing. Modern grips are engineered to work in all weather conditions and reduce wear to increase longevity. The price of decent grips is so low, that it really doesn’t make sense to cut corners here.  

  1. You Need a Glove

Verdict: False

Explanation: Most modern day golfers play with a glove. However, if you’re trying to be frugal or just feeling especially daring it’s certainly not a necessity. Justy be sure to have the correct calloused hands or expect a couple blisters the first few times. 

  1. Clean Balls Fly Farther

Verdict: True

Explanation: Golf balls are engineered to have super slick surfaces that reduce drag and increase ball flight. Letting a ball get mud buildup will make it less aerodynamic and less balanced. This will result in an uneven ball flight. Do we really have to say it, “Clean your balls!”

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