Improve Your Putting With Better Distance Control – Video Tip by Tom Morton

Many golfers, when practicing their putting, spend all their time trying to just get the ball in the hole, which leaves them with a major gap in their skill set…

What happens is that, when they are playing on the course, they end up with a 30,40, or 50+ ft. putt and end up 3 putting because, although they may be online, their distance control isn’t developed. (if this sounds like you, then you NEED to watch the video below!)

This of course leads to higher scores, less fun, and frustration out on the course.

So in this video, Tom Morton, the Director of Player Performance at Haggin Oaks, is breaking down a simple drill to better your distance control and rid yourself of 3 putts for good!

Watch this video to learn all about it!

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