Buy It For Life (BIFL) Golf Equipment

There is a strong social emphasis on “Buy It For Life” (BIFL) items. This refers to high-quality equipment or items that you only need to buy once for your whole life.

At face value, the golf industry does not seem to lend itself to single lifelong purchases. Technology is ever increasing and most equipment is constantly improving.  However, there are a few key places where investment may last a lifetime.

This article will cover some potential BIFL golf-related items. 

Slidebelts Burlap Canvas Belts

Belts are typically an item that you can expect a long life out of. However, most leather belts will eventually stretch and degrade. Proper care and preventative action can drastically increase the lifespan of a well-made leather belt. Nonetheless, if you are looking for the longest-lasting belt possible, canvas belts are what you want. Premium canvas materials will not stretch or degrade as quickly as leather. This canvas belt made by Slidebelt offers perfect fitment and premium build quality. Even if you do manage to rip, tear, or destroy the canvas belt, you can remove the dual-ratchet buckle and attach it to a new belt. 

Bettinardi Queen B Putter

There are many golf clubs built with a quality high enough to last a lifetime. Despite the quality of modern clubs not necessarily getting better over time, the science and research behind club design do. Putters are one club that this rule does not apply to. One of the most successful designs of all time, the Ping Anser putter, was built back in 1966.  A quality golf putter can and will last a lifetime of play. The Bettinardi Queen B putter is the definition of high quality. This beautiful putter will certainly last at least one lifetime.  

Wallaroo Men’s Blake Hat

The first BIFL golf-related item that comes to mind is probably not a hat. Most hats degrade after typical use. Wallaroo Hats are built differently. These Colorado-based hats are constructed of high-quality durable materials. Wallaroo is a Certified B Corporation that balances purpose and profit. If you want a high-quality hat that has the potential to last a lifetime, then a Wallaroo hat is a great place to look. 

Sun Mountain Leather Cart Bag

Golf bags have a tendency to wear through. Recent advances in material science have brought ripstop nylon and other durable fabrics into everyday golf bags. Golf bags from companies like Sun Mountain can be expected to last years of normal wear. One bag in Sun Mountain’s lineup stands out among the rest. The Sun Mountain Leather Cart Bag is made of 100% premium leather. The construction is on par with what customers expect from any Sun Mountain bag. 

Dune Divot Tool

Divot tools do not typically see much wear and tear. Almost any quality divot tool can very well last a lifetime. One of our personal favorites is the Dune Divot Tool. These high-quality cast metal tools are filled with grass or sand from your favorite course.

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