Wilson Staff Blade Irons on Wood Table

Wilson Staff Model Blade and CB Irons: Take Control of the Course

The new Wilson Staff Model Blade and CB Irons are now available. Let’s take a closer look at each of these sets of irons.


Swing with confidence and feel the fluidity of precision with the Wilson Staff Model Blades.

Staff Model Blad 7 Club in steel

Tour-proven performance is the hallmark of the Wilson Staff Model® Blades. Designed for advanced players looking for the ultimate control, the Blades feature soft Forged 8620 carbon steel with precision-milled grooves that generate maximum spin. Precise toe weighting keeps the club face open until impact allows it to square with the ball, helping to eliminate hooks and resulting in more forgiving shots.

Black Banner with White Text saying Elegance and Precision. Developed and crafted for the best players in the game. Staff Model Blades deliver the feel and consistency that elite golfers trust.
Staff Model Blades showing precise toe weighting, the fluid feel hosel and carbon steel precision milled face of the club


Swing with confidence, embrace the forgiveness, and feel the softness of the forged construction in the Wilson Staff Model™ Cavity Back irons.

Wilson Staff Model CB Wedge Silver number 7

Favored by tour professionals who want instant feedback, more forgiveness on longer iron shots and the ability to maneuver the ball on command, the Wilson Staff Model® CB irons provide golfers the ultimate control on the course. Made from Forged 8620 carbon steel, the irons are stable and precisely toe-weighted, so you can go after every shot and get more consistent results. Precision-milled grooves in the face generate more spin and increased stopping power.

Black Banner with White Text saying Forged by your fire. Staff Model CB irons provides instant feedback with added forgiveness on longer shots
Staff Model CB Irons showing precise toe weighting, the fluid feel hosel CB and precision milled cavity back.

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