Why Only 20% of People Can Break 90 Golfing

Have you ever wondered how long it will take you to break 90 consistently when you golf?

Breaking 90 while golfing means completing an entire round of golf in fewer than 90 strokes. If you can average around 5 strokes per hole, you have a good chance of doing it. Statistics state that 20% of people can break 90 during a round of golf, most golfers simply will never do it.

What Separates the Average golfer from the top 20%, Someone who Breaks 90 Golfing Consistently

Skill level

To break 90 golfing requires a certain level of skill and consistency in various aspects of the game, including driving, iron play, chipping, and putting. Many golfers simply do not have the time, resources, or ability to develop the necessary skills to consistently shoot scores in the 90s or lower.

Course difficulty

Golf courses are not created equal, and some courses are significantly more challenging than others. Courses with narrow fairways, thick rough, and large, undulating greens can make it difficult for golfers to hit the ball accurately and score well.

Mental game

Golf is a mental sport, and many golfers struggle with the mental aspect of the game. Nerves, anxiety, and lack of focus can all contribute to higher scores, particularly when it comes to short game shots like putting and chipping.

According to a 2019 report from the National Golf Foundation

  • The average score for a male golfer in the United States is 97, while the average score for a female golfer is 114
  • These scores are significantly higher than 90, proving that the majority of golfers struggle to consistently shoot scores in the 90s or lower
  • 26% of golfers are able to break 100 consistently
  • Only the elite 6% are able to break 80 consistently

These statistics suggest that breaking 90 requires a level of skill, consistency, and mental toughness that is beyond the reach of most golfers.

Breaking 90 consistently is a challenging feat that requires a combination of skill, course management, and mental toughness. While many golfers aspire to reach this milestone, only a small percentage are able to achieve it on a regular basis.

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