Which TSR Model is right for you?

Pre-Order Your TSR2, TSR3 & TSR4 Drivers Today!

Titleist Rep Aaron Young and Ken Morton Jr. Preview the New TSR Line of Drivers!

Which TSR Model is right for you?

TSR2 Driver

Maximum Speed and Stability

The perfect combination of speed and stability for maximum distance from both on- and off-center contact, now in a player-preferred shape.

Forgiving Speed & Distance

The perfect combination of distance and forgiveness now comes in one of the best-looking drivers in the game. TSR2 is a high launch, low spin, max performance driver that gives you the green light off every tee.

Titleist TSR2 is slimmed down and ramped up. For players who make contact across the entire surface of the face, it combines our most significant CG shift with a new Multi-Plateau VFT face to boost speed across the face. All within a cleaner, refined shape that inspires total player confidence.

TSR3 Driver

Precision-Tuned Speed and Distance

A player’s driver that provides incredible speed, distance and playability through precision tuning.

Precision-Tuned Speed and Distance

Built on everything that made TSi3 a Tour favorite, TSR3 is a player’s driver that plays as pure as it looks. Dial in your performance with precision-tuned speed and watch your driving game take flight.

If you are a player with a consistent impact location, then Titleist TSR3 is your ticket to maximum driving performance. The new Speed Ring Face Technology creates a focused point of pure speed that can be precision-tuned to match your point of contact.

TSR4 Driver

The Ultimate Low-Spin Driver

The ultimate low-spin driver, now with adjustable spin control.

The Ultimate Low-Spin Driver

For players who generate spin rates higher than 3,000 RPMs, less spin can mean more yards. TSR4 is an ultra-low spin driver that now offers two levels of spin control to create your most piercing flight possible.

If excess spin is the enemy, Titleist TSR4 is the answer. It offers two different spin reduction settings, improved aerodynamics and our new Multi-Plateau VFT face construction – all housed in a compact, 430cc player-preferred shape.

The New TSR in a Nutshell:

The TSR2, TSR3 & TSR4 drivers have faster ball speeds, longer off tee times & are straighter.

TSR2 The most forgiving driver with new aerodynamics, you can swing it faster without much effort.

TSR3 is made for the golfer who can find the face’s center better.

TSR4 This is the spin killer for high-speed players that are looking to bring down their spin. It is higher weight and higher launch.

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