Choose Your New TSR Fairway Now!

Titleist Rep Aaron Young and Ken Morton Jr. Preview the New TSR Line of Fairways!

Which TRS Fairway Model is right for you?

TSR2 Fairway

High, Far, Forgiving

Offers maximum forgiveness, with the lowest CG of any Titleist Fairway model for great speed and higher flight.

Long, accurate and easy to launch is ideal for fairway metals. TSR2 Fairways give you more of all three with a fast, forgiving face and our lowest CG ever.

Go low to get more. Titleist TSR2 Fairways feature our lowest CG ever for speed and launch without creating excessive backspin. A new Open Hosel Construction contributes to a powerful new sound and feel that make TSR2 an instant favorite for many players.

TSR2+ Fairway

Tour-Inspired Performance

A new, Tour-inspired model designed to be a long, forgiving, tee-biased 3W that is still playable off the turf.

Tour pros wanted a fairway metal designed to be a go-to off the tee that could still play off the turf. So we created the TSR2+ Fairway. What better players want, we deliver.

When driver isn’t the play, Titleist TSR2+ Fairway is ready. With a larger profile and a low, deep CG, it plays like a longer, more forgiving, tee-biased 3W. It gives any player yet another way to gain strokes from the tee and fairway.

TSR3 Fairway

Precision Tuned Performance

Offers precise control with a lower, deeper CG and an improved 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System.

TSR3 Fairways offer speed and precise flight control, now with more adjustability. Find your perfect setup and find new ways to score.

Dial in your performance with the ultimate in adjustability. TSR3 Fairways feature a new, easier to adjust 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System that offers both a wider adjustment range and greater precision. A deeper CG improves accuracy.

The New TSR Fairway Models in a Nutshell:

The TSR2, TSR2+ & TSR3 fairways have faster ball speeds and optimal trajectory.

TSR2 Gives you the highest flight with distance and a forgiving face

TSR2+ is what the tour pros want for an experience like a longer more forgiving tee-biased 3W

TSR3 Offers the ultimate in a 5 position adjustability with a deeper CG to improve accuracy

Shafts are available and could be customized to fit your needs. So make sure you get fitted to find the best TSR Fairway for you.

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