Which Cobra Aerojet Driver is Best for Your Game?

Let’s take a first look at the COBRA AEROJET Driver, AEROJET Driver LS, AEROJET Driver Max set to release on February 10th.


The COBRA AEROJET Driver, AEROJET Driver LS, AEROJET Driver Max are validated by the fastest players in the world. The AEROJET Drivers features a raised skirt. In addition to symmetrical shaping, and streamlined edges to give you the most speed possible. Interested? Read more about the new AEROJET Drivers and decide which one works best for you.

The AEROJET Driver For Golfers Who Want High Launch & Forgiveness

The most versatile AEROJET driver is designed for tour. However, amateurs who seek a fast, low spin head with the added benefit of high launch and forgiveness will enjoy the benefits.

Proven PWRSHELL L-cup technology maximizes launch and distance, while an A.I. designed H.O.T Face delivers more speed and efficient spin across the entire clubface.

The AEROJET LS Driver For Golfers Who Want Maximum Workability and Control

The AEROJET LS features a refined clubhead shape derived from feedback from the best players in the world that demand low spin and low launch for maximum workability and control.

Our lowest-spinning driver model provides more distance for better players with adjustable forward weighting to maximize speed and spin reduction.

The AEROJET MAX Driver For Golfers Who Want Ultimate Distance

The most forgiving AEROJET driver, the MAX model delivers draw-bias and unrivaled stability in a low spin design for ultimate distance.


Forward positioning of the fully suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight allows for maximum energy transfer to unleash faster ball speeds through unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole.

The COBRA AEROJET Drivers are expected to release on February 10, 2023.

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