Two Stretches To Reduce Golf Related Back Pain And Increase Mobility!

Ever go golfing, get home, and either that night or the next morning your lower back is killing you? Then you need to check this out!

In this video, personal trainer and XXIO Sponsored Golfer, Megan Conner, teaches an awesome stretch to do after a round of golf or in the morning before hitting the course to battle that lower back pain that so many of us struggle with.

Most low back pain actually happens as a result of tight muscles in the lower back and hips and can not only be pretty dang painful but can also keep you from playing your best golf.

Tight hips and low back can hinder your ability to rotate and as a result, you can’t hit the ball as far which ultimately keeps you from lowering your score.

Luckily for you, Megan is here with one simple stretch that you can do to loosen up your hips, ridding you of that pesky back pain and getting you back on the course plating your best golf.

Trust us, we here at the office tried this little move out and not only did we realize how unflexible (if that is a word) we are, but it also almost immediately made a world of difference!

Try it out and let us know what you think below!

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