Everything You Need To Know About The New TaylorMade SIM UDI and SIM DHY Forged Driving Irons

With the Success of the SIM Max Rescue both on tour and with everyday golfers, TaylorMade has released the newest iteration in the utility iron to fill the gap between your lowest iron and 5 wood with the SIM UDI and SIM DHY Utility Irons. 

Now, each of these new clubs come with their own unique design and set of features that, depending on your skill and preferences, will fit your game best. 

With the release of these two new utility irons, we want to address the question that we has been one of the biggest ones that we have seen since it’s release… “Which is best for me?”

So, here we want to break down everything you need to know about each club so that you can make the most educated decision about which is best for you! 

Let’s dive in. 

First, let’s start off with a breakdown of the features and benefits that are similar with these clubs because they are packed with tech! 

Now, to reiterate, these irons are meant to fill the gap between your lowest iron and your 5 wood so that you can achieve better distance control and not have any gaps in your game. 

The club faces are made up of a 450 stainless steel hollow body construction that reduces shock, increases distance, and allows for TaylorMade to inject speedfoam into the face. 

The face of these irons has Forged C300 L-Face technology.

This tech is the fastest TaylorMade face design so far and wraps around into the speed pocket for a more seamless design and consistent contact across the face. 

Both of these irons are filled with Speedfoam for a softer and more comfortable feel, however, one does have a less dense type of speed foam which we will get into when we breakdown each club. 

Next we have the all-new Thru-Slot Speed Pocket which creates more forgiveness for those off-center shots so that you can play more consistent golf. 

And, lastly, both irons come with a custom bendable hosel which allows you to customize the lie and loft independently,  creating even more potential lie/loft mixes to fit your exact game. 

Now, that we have covered all the awesome new features that are consistent across both irons, let’s dive into which irons will be best for you! 

TaylorMade SIM UDI Forged Utility Iron

The TaylorMade SIM UDI (Ultimate Driving Iron) has a slightly thinner sole and top line with a bit less hosel offset than the DHY and is ultimately a slimmer model. 

This club comes with full density Speedfoam which creates a softer feel and gives more advanced golfers more workability. 

This club is focused for off the tee shots and ultimately it’s features come together to create a shot that has more of a penetrating flight with lower launch and less spin as well as more workability. 

Overall, this club is for the intermediate to more advanced player. 

TaylorMade SIM DHY (Superior Driving Hybrid) 

This DHY has a larger footprint shape and is more of a performance club with a higher launch with a thicker sole and topline as well as more of an offset.  

The DHY has a slightly more rounded sole radius than the UDI which gives it more versatility and forgiveness 

Additionally, this club has Speedfoam LITE injected into the clubhead that is 35% less dense which lowers the CG and helps you hit it more consistently and accurately. 

This club, as mentioned before, has a higher launch angle and softer landing that offers more of a game improvement capability for our average golfer that is looking for consistent performance over workability. 

The DHY is a better fit for mid to high handicap golfers that are looking for higher flight and more forgiveness. 

Ultimately, whether you choose the UDI or DHY they will be a great fit if used correctly on the course. 

We hope this helped you better understand which club is best for your game and, by the way, if you are ready to buy one you can get yours and any of your other golf needs online at Mortongolfsales.com

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! We love talking to fellow golfers whenever we can! 

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