The Dirt-Cheap Food at The Masters

The Masters Tournament, hosted at the Augusta National Golf Club, is one of the most iconic and prestigious tournaments in professional golf. In just recent years, The Masters has been witness to some of the greatest comebacks and finishes in the sport’s history. Having acknowledged that, it is still nauseating to witness current ticket prices to attend The Masters. To put it into perspective a Thursday to Sunday Competition Badge Ticket costs more than your grandmother’s Chrysler PT Cruiser. If you’re unfamiliar with a PT Cruiser, the vehicle is widely praised for its unrivaled reliability, state-of-the-art styling, paradisiacal performance, and also absolutely none of those things. 

Thousands of dollars to attend a golf tournament, even one as historical as The Masters, is a hard sell in a world where baby bottle pops exist. All jokes aside, the price to attend The Masters clearly reflects the market demand. For a lot of people, it is a bucket list item and that translates to eye-watering ticket prices. Furthermore, the cost for Augusta National Golf Club to host the tournament is extreme. Obviously, there is a profit being generated, but it costs tens of millions of dollars to host The Masters each year. That money needs to be recouped somehow. Nonetheless, one place where Augusta National Golf Club is not recouping those costs is the food.

Any person who has attended a professional sports game can attest that food prices are absurd. A twelve-dollar hot dog better is garnished with black truffle and sturgeon caviar, otherwise, there is no justification for that price. Augusta National Golf Club must feel the same because prices for food at The Masters have stayed suspiciously low. Here is the current menu and the corresponding prices for food.

Photo by Stadiyums / Instagram

The famous pimento cheese sandwich can be had for as little as one dollar and fifty cents. Likewise, a domestic beer costs less than three dollars, and soda is only one dollar. These are quite literally some of the cheapest concessions at any professional sporting event in the entire United States. Nonetheless, a Costco membership would probably be a wiser investment if you’re looking for a cheap meal. 

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