The All-New PING Blueprint Iron Review!

Today we are talking about the New PING Blueprint Irons (Check them out here) which are a new take on some very classic, blade-style irons.

These irons, however, have a lot of R & D that has gone into them, making them some of the most usable blades ever created that can help any intermediate to advanced golfer gain more control and more accuracy out on the course.

These new irons have a couple of new features that allow them to overcome some of the common complaints that have been made about blade irons in the past.

These complaints include a dead feeling if you hit it near the toe of the club as well as them being known for being very unforgiving. So, to try and overcome this, PING has made a few key changes that address these common challenges, including:

  • A tungsten weight near the toe of the club to bring the center of gravity toward the center of the clubface rather than being at the heel. This helps with shot consistently and getting rid of that “dead feeling” on those shots when you hit it closer to the toe.
  • A custom shaped clubhead that puts more weight near the toe and continues improves accuracy and consistency.
  • A special finish on the club that actually pushes away water and grass when you hit so that when you catch the ground, the club will actually move right through it and won’t lose as much energy. This allows you to maintain a consistent clubhead speed and have more accurate shots, as well as making the experience of using the club far more enjoyable.

If you would like to get all the details about these new irons, how they can affect your game and if they are the right club for you, then just watch the video above to get all of the information!

If you would like to purchase a set of your own, you can here.

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