PRE ORDER NOW: Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Wedge

The revolutionary tech in the Cleveland golf RTX ZipCore Wedge will revolutionize your golf game!

Revolutions need revolutionary tech. So Cleveland tore their flagship RTX wedge down to its core and rebuilt it from the inside out.

What is ZipCore?

By replacing heavy steel with a lightweight core, ZipCore repositions mass allows for increased design freedom. This has enabled Cleveland Golf to pump in a ton of High-Low MOI compared to other Wedges, thus allowing for a repositioned Center of Gravity that helps you hit the sweet spot. It shifts the CG while raising the moment of inertia. What are the results? More consistency across the board! You’ll enjoy great spin, distance, feel, and control to level up your game.

What are UltiZip Grooves? How do they help?

To get even more spin out of the RTX ZipCore Wedge, Cleveland has not only increased the number of grooves, but they have enhanced the quality of the grooves on the face. 

The UltiZip Grooves are the sharpest grooves to date. They cut through the grass more effectively compared to the previous generations of Cleveland’s Wedges. These grooves are also deeper, which channels debris more efficiently. Plus, Cleveland has added 2 extra grooves per wedge face for more edge contact on every single shot.

More spin is awesome, but Cleveland Golf has also prioritized the importance of consistency so that every lie is a good lie. And every shot behaves as you’d expect, with fewer surprises and more chances to score.

Why is the Face heat-treated?

As you’re probably aware, Wedges wear out very quickly in comparison to other clubs in your bag. They need to be replaced more frequently. The genius minds at Cleveland golf have heat-treated the face with a blast of heat to enhance the wedge’s metallurgic properties. By doing this, the 8620 carbon steel crystalline grain structure becomes more uniform and improves the durability. This process also eliminated impurities, relieving internal stresses, and reducing brittleness.

Why the Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Shaft?

The Dynamic Gold Spinner gives you everything you love in a Tour Issue wedge shaft—stability, control, and consistency—but it’s built to help you generate extra spin and tour-level stopping power. It’s an entirely new offering from True Temper with a similar profile to Dynamic Gold S200 but specifically designed for wedge play.

Quick specs:

Flex – Wedge 

Weight – 128grams

Butt Diameter – .600″ 

Spin: Mid-High

Take pride in your grip!

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore comes with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip. 
This is one of the most popular grips in golf today because it combines an exclusive rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence.

Love checking out specs? Check them out below.

As an authorized retailer of Cleveland Golf, you can pre-order the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge in a left or right-handed option at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shopor online at

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