Get to Know Tour Player Joaquín Niemann

PING Proving Grounds Podcast Episode 6 Features Young PING Tour Player: Joaquín Niemann

Joaquín Niemann is a talented tour player who is from Chile and is only 24 years old. He is best known for his impressive wire-to-wire win at the 2022 Genesis Golf tournament. He finished at -19 and was one stroke away from tieing the record longest-standing 72-hole record on Tour, Wadkins’s -20 win in 1985. Though Joaquín Niemann was still able to break the record for a 36-hole and 54-hole performance at Riviera. This miraculous performance garnered plenty of attention from golfers who were stunned by the fact Niemann was only 23 at the time. Niemann is still on tour and continues to perform at the highest level. Joaquí Niemann is one of the PGA‘s rising stars.

How Often Does Niemann Adjust His Clubs

A topic that was previously discussed on the PING Proving Grounds Podcast was the fact that many tour players visit the PING Tour Truck frequently to have their clubs adjusted. But when it comes to Joaquín Niemman, this is not the case. Niemann’s bag has remained almost identical since he began playing professionally with few exceptions. The first is his driver, since going pro Niemann has lengthed his driver to achieve greater ball speed. Niemann has also lengthened his Putter slightly from 34 to 35 in. The last major change he could recall was when he swapped out his 4 iron for a 5 hybrid. Niemann struggled to get height on his 4 iron and balls would often roll off the green. His coach convinced him to switch to a 5 hybrid and it was perfect for Niemann.

How Niemann Mentally Prepares for Golf

As every golfer knows, golf can be stressful and is equally a mental and physical game. The best golfers all have a way to get into the right mindset that enables them to perform. For Joaquín Niemann, this means taking his mind off of the game. Niemann has plenty of distractions that keep his mind occupied when he is not on the golf course. First is the friends he travels with. When on the road Niemann will stay in a house with some of his friends so that when he comes home from work, he’ll have plenty of company. Niemann also really enjoys playing video games with his friends. His games of choice are racing games, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. Between tee times Niemann likes to think about golf as little as possible as he allows his mind to be engulfed by other activities.

Does Niemann Prefer Living in Chile or the U.S.

Niemann is a Chile native which means he is a long way from home while he is on tour. He loves being in the U.S. because he has so much time and resources to work on golf. Being in the U.S. allows him to focus on his game and continue to grow as a golfer. But ultimately he misses home and thouroughly enjoys being home with his family and friends. Niemann goes home for a month every year for Christmas and New Years and makes the most of his time while he’s there. He always plays in a golf tournament when in Chile because he knows many of his fans will not be able to travel to America to see him play. He of course spends as much time with friends and family as he can.

Joaquín Niemann is not your traditional golfer from his age, orgins, and the way he mentally prepares. He is a young golfer making a name for himself and it was fun getting to know him from the PING Proving Grounds Podcast. Listen for yourself for free on iHeart Radio.

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