Connecting Golfers Online: A Dive into Reddit

Connecting golfers online

Whether you prefer to play with a tight-knit foursome or your local golf league, golf is an inherently social sport.

There is a vast array of golf communities that any golfer can connect with. The internet has helped to further expand those communities across the state, country, and even cultural borders. It is a truly amazing segment of golf.

Among online golf communities, there are hundreds of forums and websites. One of the shining beacons is r/golf, a community hosted on Reddit

To set your expectations accordingly, r/golf is not a posh cluster of country club members. In fact, it is completely the opposite. Browsing the community, you are left with the impression that over 435,000 global members consider themselves the laymen of the sport.

You will not find posts recommending expensive exotic courses. Instead, the community is littered with celebrations of breaking 100 for the first time, piecing together a first full set, or improving a swing over the past year. Posts are often self-deprecating and the comment section is surprisingly civil and supportive. 

The content available on r/golf is vast and diverse. You can expect to find hilarious memes, discussions, videos, and news about the PGA Tour, current equipment, courses, and golf in general. The site can be an easy way to kill a couple of minutes waiting at a coffee shop or an excellent way to “waste” an entire day.

The amount of members ensures that content stays fresh, as there are always thousands of members online. Important golf-related updates are quickly posted on the site. If you find yourself looking for specific opinions on a certain product, it has certainly been discussed on r/golf at least once.  

If you prefer to browse through well-manicured content, written by professional journalists and golf professionals then r/golf is not the community for you. It is not GolfDigest. Although, it is equally important to the sport.

This Reddit community is the beer-guzzling friends that the truly unforgettable golf rounds often seem to include. It is not polished or perfect. The r/golf community is a welcomed reminder of why so many of us love the game of golf; to have fun. 

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