Callaway Paradym Irons vs. Apex TCB Irons

Johnny Wunder Compares Sets of Callaway Irons to Find Out Which Ones Allow Him to Unleash His Golfing Potential

Callaway Golf published a video where Johnny Wunder compared the Apex TCB irons to the newer Callaway Paradym irons. Johnny Wunder had heard great things about the new Paradym irons and he wanted to compare them to his current irons, the Apex TCB irons. He knew that he would likely hit the Paradym irons significantly further but he wanted to compare how consistent his performance was between the two sets of irons. In order to compare their performance Wunder tested an 8 iron, 6 iron, and a 4 iron with each club.

The 8 Iron Comparison

Wunder started working his way up by comparing the 8 irons. He started with the Apex iron and was able to hit the ball very consistently as they are the clubs he typically plays. After two hits he moved onto the Callaway Paradym iron to see what it could do. The Paradym 8 iron hit the ball slightly further and with a higher ball speed while maintaining the same level of consistency. Although he hit the ball slightly further it is not evidence enough to prove the Paradym 8 iron is significantly better as he only took two swings with each club. A more in-depth and lengthy experiment would need to be performed in order to determine if the Paradym 8 iron is marginally better than the Apex 8 iron. Wunder determined that he gets almost identical results with each club and it is not worth it to make the switch to Paradym for his 8 iron.

The 6 Iron Comparison

The format of the experiment was the same for the 6 iron and the results from the Apex 6 iron were as expected. The Apex 6 iron hit the ball far, consistently, and where he wanted it to go. But once he started using the Callaway Paradym iron, he couldn’t care less about the Apex. He was able to hit the Paradym 6 iron with the same consistency, spin rate, and launch angle, while also managing to hit the ball 10 yards further. The gap between the Paradym and Apex is much more noticeable in the 6 iron. Wunder claims it is worth making the switch.

The 4 Iron Comparison

The results of the 4 iron comparison were about the same as those of the 6 iron comparison. The Callaway Paradym iron did everything that the Apex could do and then some. Wunder said his 4 iron is usually about a 215 yard club and he was able to hit the Paradym 4 iron 230 yards. The Paradym is clearly the way to go in terms of the 4 iron and it is not even close.

After concluding the experiment Wunder gave his closing thoughts and remarks. One thing that makes the Callaway Paradym irons really unique is their ability to increase the distance of the ball without changing the spin rate or launch angle. Making the switch to Paradym is worth it for some of your longer irons as you will be able to add significantly more distance and achieve the same level of consistency. But when it comes to the short irons, the irons you have likely do the job just fine.

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