Which Bridgestone Ball is Right for Me in 2021?

Bridgestone has a diverse selection of golf balls available. The options can be overwhelming and make it difficult to find the ball that’s right for you. To help with the selection process, we have written this quick guide to help!

Tour B X

Bridgestone has released the brand new Tour B X. This ball was recently redesigned and features Bridgestone’s REACTIV urethane cover technology. This cover is shock absorbing for slow impact shots with wedges and irons, while still being resilient for high impact long distance shots. It also has Bridgestone’s dual dimple design, which reduces overall drag. Bridgestone recommends this ball for players with swing speeds over 105 miles per hour who desire maximum distance, while maintaining a strong short game performance. 

Tour B XS

The Tour B XS was also recently redesigned. Like the new Tour B X, it features REACTIV and dual dimple technology. It is a multi-layer ball initially designed by and for Tiger Woods personally. Overall, the ball is recommended for players with fast swing speeds over 105 miles per hour, who prioritize soft feel and performance around the green above all else.

Tour B RX

The Tour B RX is very similar to the Tour B X. However, it is generally a softer feeling ball in direct comparison. This ball features Bridgestone’s characteristic REACTIV and dimple technology. Not every player is Tour level, therefore Bridgestone has utilized that same technology and adapted it into a ball that everyone can play. Players should choose this ball if they have a swing speed under 105 miles per hour and want increased distance, without sacrificing short game performance.  

Tour B RXS

The Tour B RXS is a soft performance ball. Like the other tour level balls mentioned, it is a multilayer ball that has the REACTIV and dual dimple technology. Similar to the Tour B RX, the Tour B RXS is built more for the average golfer. It is a Tour level ball that works great even for players who aren’t professional level themselves. A golfer should choose the Tour B RXS if they have a swing speed under 105 miles per hour and value short game performance around the green, more than maximum distance on drives. 

e12 Contact

The e12 Contact features Bridgestone’s newest Contact Force dimple technology. This dimple has a raised area in the center and a unique outer perimeter which slows horizontal rotation. The dimple design also increases contact with the clubface on impact. These features combine to create the farthest straight distance ball in Bridgestone’s lineup. The Bridgestone e12 Contact is for the golfer who values distance above all else and does not need to spend more for the benefits of the Tour series balls.


The e6 ball is the most budget-friendly ball in Bridgestone’s lineup. It has an overall soft feel while still maintaining great distance. The ball itself is a simpler 2-piece construction compared to Bridgestone’s other multi-layer designs. The e6 ball is the best choice for players who want an inexpensive ball that still plays soft and has great distance.

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