We Are Giving Away Golf Bags Designed By Sun Mountain!


GolfWRX , Golf Headquarters (powered by the NGBA) along with Morton Golf Sales have teamed up to give away two limited-edition golf bags designed by Sun Mountain. These truly limited-edition bags will be available only in only select stores (Hint: One of them is Haggin Oaks). The two winners will be able to pick either design, and if they want a stand bag or cart bag.

About the Golf Headquarters/NGBA and Two Limited-edition golf bags designed by Sun Mountain

The first bag features a classic baseball design with stitches up the two side garment pockets on a white body with blue and red trim. Celebrating America’s Favorite Pastime (excluding golf of course!), it also has a 42 on the front ball pocket as a subtle tribute to the late great Jackie Robinson, a name that every baseball fan knows. Not only was he one of the best baseball players to ever play the game, but his contribution to society cannot also be overstated. Without a doubt, he paved the way for baseball and sports in general to be more inclusive.

NGBA and Sun Mountain leaned on the much-debated existence of Bigfoot for their second golf bag design inspiration. Ever since it was first captured on video, Bigfoot has the world asking the same questions. Does it really exist and more importantly, what is its golf handicap? Fortunately, the missing link has been recently spotted hitting the links around Missoula, Montana.

Learn more about this limited-edition release and where you can purchase these bags here.

Take a closer look at the bags here.

How To Enter

  1. Which design is your favorite? (LEGENDARY BASEBALL DESIGN or FUN BIGFOOT YETI TRIBUTE)
  2. Why do you like this design?
  3. Would you like a stand bag or cart bag?

This giveaway is for members in the USA only. One entry per member and winners will be randomly selected in about two weeks.


  1. Hey Morton People,
    Appreciate your notices. Do you personally have input on the golfboards? Just cannot find enough reviews to help with a decision to buy one. I live on a perfectly flat course that seems to be ideal for this invention. Thanks again, Dave Roach

  2. Which design is your favorite? LEGENDARY BASEBALL DESIGN

    Why do you like this design?

    Super clean design. Looks like a good/summer spring bag. I feel like I can bring my love of baseball to the green. Just seeing this bag I need to amazon little golf balls that look like baseballs- immediately! I could also use this as my 4th of July bag with the color scheme. Also its a great salute to Jackie Robinson with the #42.

    Would you like a stand bag or cart bag?
    4.5 LS 14-WAY STAND BAG

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