Tyrrell Hatton: Mastering Golf on His Terms

Marty Jertson & Shane Bacon Talk With Tyrrell Hatton on Episode 9 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast

PING is one of the most renowned golf companies in the world. The brand’s products can be found in any golf company under the sun and recognized by pros and amateurs alike. PING is constantly pushing the limits of club design and producing innovative clubs, no one knows what they will invent next. One thing is for sure, and it is that PING did not achieve its success by producing anything less than the best.

On Episode 9 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast, Shane and Marty catch up with PING Pro Tyrrell Hatton inside the Tour Truck to discuss his recent tour success, why he plays a 7-wood, memories of his first Open qualifier, and a rare six-man playoff win.

A Stellar Season

Professional golfer Tyrrell Hatton’s recent podcast appearance provided a fascinating glimpse into his world of golf. With an exceptional season on the PGA Tour, including 14 cuts made in 15 starts, 10 top-25 finishes, and 6 top-10s, Hatton’s success isn’t by chance. He attributes his achievements to a holistic approach to self-improvement, focusing on fitness, diet, and dedicated off-course training. Tyrrell’s commitment to well-being has undoubtedly contributed to his consistent performance.

Precision Over Shaping: Hatton’s Shot Selection

Intriguingly, Hatton’s approach to shot selection avoids the complexities of shaping the ball. Instead, he keeps it straightforward by selecting a specific point for irons and relying on his innate shot shape with drivers. This strategy aligns with the principle of “Aim small, miss small,” emphasizing precision and consistency over unnecessary complexity.

The Club Fitting Maestro

Hatton’s involvement in the club fitting process adds a unique dimension to his game. Having grown up around his father’s club fitting business, he actively collaborates with Ping professionals to ensure his clubs are perfectly customized. This behind-the-scenes dedication underscores Hatton’s journey to success, characterized by commitment, precision, and a profound understanding. This understanding of his craft, setting the stage for a promising future in professional golf.

Marty & Shane’s recent podcast delved deep into PING’s thorough design process, showcasing how the company consistently delivers top-notch equipment. This insightful podcast episode, is available on iHeart Radio, provides an insider’s perspective on PING that’s definitely worth a listen.

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