Top Gifts Under $100

Need some more gift ideas? Here are a few more that might tick off the harder-to-shop for people in your life. You might end up finding a few things to put on your wishlist to Santa too…

A pair of really good sunglasses is a game-changer—pretty literally! Who knew that seeing better could help play? These Under Armor sunglasses are higher end but won’t break the bank with 100% protection from harmful UV A, B, & C rays plus UA coatings that repel water, dirt, oil and grime. Gorgeous color lenses too so you’ll look stylish and most likely match with any outfit.

Never lose your ball! These vibrantly colored golf balls are fun to look at and fun to play with. Why not shake up your game with something as satisfying as these bright colors? They play well, too; large core for farther distances and higher greenside spin for accurate pin control. A good-looking, colorful, and useful gift.

Great looking, great feeling shirt for both play and work. Very breathable and has SPF 30+ to keep you protected. So many colors to choose from as well to match any closet color scheme. With so many polo shirts to choose from, why not a classic style with a great deal?

For the golfer who plays no matter the weather conditions! Incredibly useful for those colder rounds, this heater goes into most golf cart cup holders and works like a dream with its wind resistance, 90 degree tip over safety, and automatic low oxygen shut-off system. Get warm safely and readily with a new Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater!

How could you not love this good-looking shoe? It’s a beautiful powder blue with an athletic cut. A wonderful addition to any shoe collection. Also comes in different colors so it could be ready to match. The Roshe G Golf shoes also have great traction, flexible sole, excellent cushioning. 

Boasted as a “tour-winning” classic wedge shape, you’ll be pretty popular for gifting this club. It even has a classy finish over it– a no-glare tour satin so you’ll still have that chrome look while not being blinded as you play. A small but mighty detail you could have missed! Anyone who wants to improve their short game will want to try this wedge out.

Take parties to-go easier! Gone are the days of lugging around a giant cooler box; now you can pack mule in your cold beverages on your back. Make use of some of your strongest muscles to pa. Anyone who loves to head out and have a good time with cold drinks would love this unique and useful backpack. TravisMathew, you’ve brought the party again!

This is a tour-approved putting training aid to get your putts in shape! The mirror makes it perfect for checking all parts of your putting alignment and set-up. Consistency is key for a great putt and this is exactly the coach you need to check on your consistency. Great and not-so-great putters alike will love this tool. 

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