Tony Finau’s Journey: From Prodigy to Masters on PING’s Podcast

Experience Tony Finau’s incredible journey from turning pro at 17 to Masters challenges on PING’s Proving Grounds Podcast Episode 17.

PING is one of the most renowned golf companies in the world. The brand’s products can be found in any golf company under the sun and recognized by pros and amateurs alike. PING is constantly pushing the limits of club design and producing innovative clubs. One thing is for sure, and it is that PING did not achieve its success by producing anything less than the best.

On Episode 17 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast, Lead Engineer, Marty Jertson, and Shane sit down with golf sensation Tony Finau. Join them as they dive into Tony’s remarkable journey to becoming a PING Pro. Listen as they talk about his early days in competitive junior golf to a high-stakes game that set the stage for his professional career.

A Unique Prologue to the Pros

Discover the story of Tony Finau’s unconventional entry into professional golf at the tender age of 17. Hear how the intriguing tale of how a high-stakes game with a $2 million prize became the starting point of his career. Despite initial uncertainties, Finau’s journey to the pros took an unexpected and exciting turn. Setting the stage for his remarkable career, we all know and love him for today.

The Resilience of a Pro Golfer

Explore the challenges faced by Tony Finau, as he navigated six unsuccessful attempts to make it through the pro tour school. Unveiling the relentless work ethic and passion that fueled Tony’s journey, proving that setbacks were just temporary obstacles. Learn how his conviction, honed through junior golf and mini-tour victories, eventually led him to triumph on the seventh try. Solidifying his place in the world of professional golf.

Mastering the Mindset – A Career-Defining Moment

Witness the pivotal moment in Tony Finau’s career at the Masters, where an ankle injury threatened to derail his performance. Despite the setback, Finau not only persevered but secured a top-10 finish. Discover how this defining moment shifted his mindset, demonstrating the fortitude needed to elevate his game.

To hear more about Tony Finau’s journey, his affinity for PING, and the game-changing insights he shares, don’t miss Episode 17 of PING’s Proving Ground Podcast. Click the link above for an inspiring and insightful exploration into the world of one of golf’s rising stars.

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