The Ping ZING Manganese Putter Review

PING Putters are some of the most popular putters that have ever been made and have remained one of the top putters for over 50 years.

About 53 years ago the owner and original founder of PING was an engineer who was a terrible putter. So, putting his pain and expertise together, he decided to set out with the goal of creating a putter that would help his game.

A short while later he designed the Asner and 1a putters and after the initial success of those models, he designed the PING Zing using the same design elements that he used with the other models.

The PING Zing is the first putter to be perimeter weighted. Before this, all putters where what are called blades which are basically just putters that are solid metal with not many designed elements or weight distribution elements.

The scalloped edges that you find on the Ping Zing are what create the perimeter weighting and what this does is give your putter more forgiveness. So, if you hit the ball a bit more on the heel or toe of the putter it will keep the face from turning and keep your putt straight and on target.

Soon after their inception, a young pro named George Archer won the Masters using this putter and led to the eventual rise to PING being the putter used by over 60% of golfers!

Made from a manganese bronze the PING Zing putter has a soft feel that transfers beautifully into the hands of the player making for not only a smoother putt but also a more enjoyable golf experience.

These putters are part of an incredible family of putters that come in a number of different design and material options that have kept players buying them up until today!

The quality and effectiveness of these putters is spoken for in the fact that they have existed for almost 50 years and are still available today in almost the same exact design!

Additionally, there are two other things that are found in almost all PING putters that make them even better!

  1. These putters have a stroke fitting label on the shaft that, based on your stroke, will recommend a head style for you to know what is best for your game. This is dependant on if you have a flat or open to close swing, where the shaft inserts into the club and a number of other variables.
  2. The ping pistol grip that is on all ping putters and has somewhat of an S-shape is the best and most comfortable grip ever. These grips are the most popular grip ever made and Tiger Woods still puts this grip on all of his putters to this day.

Overall the PING Zing putter is a great putter and we would definitely recommend it for its game improvement capabilities, the feel of the club and its proven track record.

If you are interested in the PINg ZING, just click here to check it out!

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