The Beginners Guide To Golf Etiquette

Golf is a classic game with tons of traditions that have been built up over the years and, as a result, one of the things that is the most developed is the etiquette, both spoken and unspoken, that golfers follow. 

The common perception of many is the standard “stuck up” demeanor that is often depicted in the movies, and while some of the depictions are based on both old and current expectations, they are definitely dramatized. 

So, to help our golfers out there, we want to put together a list of some of the most common things you need to know about golf etiquette so that you can hit the course with confidence!

So, let’s go over some basic etiquette that IS expected on the golf course:

  • Do not stand close to a player while they are hitting the ball, this is both for your safety and so that they can focus.
  • Mind your footsteps, they might be on the line of another player’s putt. When you are on the green, try to avoid walking between a golfer and the hole when they are setting up for a putt. Again, this can be distracting which is why it is commonly avoided. 
  • Don’t take too long to hit the ball. Taking a few practice swings is ok and making sure that you are set up correctly is fine as well, just be aware of your pace of play so that you don’t hold golfers that are in your party or behind you back. As a rule of thumb, try to take no more than 1 – 2 minutes before hitting the ball. 
  • Don’t swing clubs around while you are waiting. Whether it is while you are waiting to tee off, or while you are out on the course, don’t go swinging your clubs around. Now, this may sound like an easy rule, but there is something about those golf clubs that make you just want to pull one out and spin it around, trust us. But you must do your best to try and avoid it. 
  • Use the right language and golf terms on the course. This is definitely not a rule, but it is something that is learned the more you golf.
  • Wear the appropriate attire. Now you might be thinking that means khakis and polos and while at some courses it does, public courses, for example, do not require such formal attire and the only thing that we recommend is that you wear athletic shoes, shorts or pants (jeans included), and a shirt. It’s that easy! 
  • Do not hit your ball unless there is no one within a few hundred yards of you. This rule is for everyone’s safety, so before you go hitting your ball down the fairway (hopefully) just remember to check that there is no one there already so that you don’t hit them y accident. 

This is just an introduction into the etiquette on the golf course, but we have covered the most glaring and common mistakes so that you can feel confident to go out on the course and be able to have a good time without accidentally stepping on any toes! 

Actually… There is one last thing you need to know. 

When you are out on the course, you need to have FUN! 

Otherwise, that’s it for golf etiquette.

All you have to do is just make sure you don’t distract the other players, respect the course, don’t put others in danger, and have fun and you will be good to go to have a great time out on the course! 

Did we miss anything or do you have any questions? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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