Q-STAR Tour Divide Sleeves with a Q-STAR Tour 5 sleeve of balls in the middle

Srixon Q-STAR TOUR 2024 Golf Balls

Discover the Enhanced Features and Distinctive Designs of the 2024 Srixon Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE 2 and Q-STAR TOUR 5


Srixon has recently unveiled the latest iterations of their highly sought-after golf balls, the Q-STAR TOUR and Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE for 2024. These golf balls promise a perfect fusion of cutting-edge innovation and captivating aesthetics, offering golfers advanced features and a visually striking appeal.

Q-STAR TOUR 5 2024 Golf Balls

 Q-STAR TOUR 5 box

The Q-STAR TOUR 5 redefines tour-level performance with its reworked 3-piece design. It delivers a softer feel and a slightly harder compression rating for powerful ball speeds. The softer urethane cover enhances approach shot spin and provides a satisfying, softer feel.

The FastLayer Core, featuring a gradual transition from a soft inner core to a firm outer edge, has been optimized for better ball speeds and distance. The Spin Skin, equipped with SERM (Specialized Coating for Enhanced Rotational Maintenance), allows the softer urethane cover to dig deeper into club face grooves, maximizing spin for improved control and stopping power. The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern remains a key feature, ensuring the ball pierces through the air upon launch and maintains lift with a low drag coefficient for on-target performance in challenging conditions.

Compared to their 2023 counterparts, the 2024 Q-STAR TOUR golf balls showcase enhancements promising an even more exceptional playing experience. Although the Q-STAR TOUR 5 for 2024 presents a slightly harder compression rating for more powerful ball speeds, coupled with an even softer urethane cover for improved approach shot spin and an overall softer feel.

Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE 2 2024 Golf Balls

Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE 2 2024 Golf Balls

The Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE 2 takes the tour-level performance to new heights with a unique twist, available in vibrant Blue, Orange, and Red colorways, each with a distinctive Yellow half. Building upon the success of its 2023 predecessor, the 2024 edition boasts a slightly higher compression rating, resulting in enhanced ball speeds for a more powerful performance.

A standout feature is the 50/50 matte urethane cover, ensuring not only excellent visibility but also providing visible spin, easy alignment, and a soft feel. The FastLayer Core, with a gradual transition from a soft inner core to a firm outer edge, contributes to improved ball speed, distance, and feel. The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern ensures the ball maintains lift and punches through the air, even in challenging conditions.

A significant upgrade is the softer urethane cover, offering more tour-level spin and stopping power. The DIVIDE cover’s split-color design makes spin visible, simplifying alignment for golfers.

As Srixon continues to push the boundaries of golf ball technology, the 2024 Q-STAR TOUR series delivers a winning combination of innovation, visibility, and performance. Buy a dozen today at mortongolfsales.com

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