Review of U.S. Kids Golf Clubs

One of the longest and most well-known kid’s golf club brands in U.S. Kids and for good reason!

Rather than most companies making kids clubs an absolute afterthought that they throw together based on the design of their adult clubs, this company has dedicated the last few decades to making clubs exclusively for kids!

Out of this has come a number of things that they offer that no other company does including the fact that you can buy new clubs in 3-inch increments so that you can always have the perfect fit for your child between the ages of 4 and 12.

Additionally, they create extremely well crafted, forgiving and durable clubs in all shapes and sizes from drivers to putters so that no matter what your kids put them through they will come out in fact and helping your child develop their love of the game.

If you want to learn more about them and all that they offer, watch the video above and if you would like to buy some you can right here.

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