A First Look at the Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls


The New Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls are out and are perfect for the person who wants a softball with great distance!

This golf ball is the softest Titleist golf ball with low spin for long distance along with excellent control into and around the green. Here are all the features that make this ball one of the greatest innovations since the ProV1.

Titleist’s Softness Golf ball

If you prioritize soft feel above all and still want the unmatched quality and performance of a Titleist golf ball, you will love the all-new TruFeel.

This ball is exceptionally soft and is able to be that way as a result of the new trutouch core and truflex cover that creates an exceptionally soft feel and great bounce off of the clubface giving it that great trajectory.

Excellent Greenside Control

Everyone wants more confidence around the green. The proprietary TruFlex cover is designed for excellent control on your short shots, to help you play better and enjoy the game.

This new cover creates more grab on your short game shots as well as that buttery soft feel so that you can feel more in control and get more accurate feedback on your shots. No more “it didn’t feel like I hit it that hard” and more “Nailed it! “

Superior Distance

With enhanced aerodynamics to maximize flight, so you can experience more distance where your game needs it most, this ball delivers some of the longest flights for a soft golf ball in the game.

If you are someone that likes the feel of the softer golf balls but doesn’t want to sacrifice distance then this is definitely the golf ball for you.

New Sidestamp Design

Inspired by the most popular alignment aid design available on My Titleist, the new TruFeel side stamp provides easy alignment without having to mark a line on the ball.

This allows for even more accuracy on the green and yet another variable that you can use to your advantage for even ore accurate putts that will help you start to see lower numbers on the score sheet at the end of your next round.

3 Color Options

Lastly, these new balls are available in White and yellow for now with a matte red all that will be coming in January, 2020.

If you want to learn more then make sure you watch the video above and if you want to buy a dozen or two of your own then just go here.

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