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New PING Podcast Hosted by Shane Bacon & Marty Jertson

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The new PING Proving Grounds Podcast will catch the attention of any golf enthusiast as it provides a unique behind-the-scenes look into the golf industry. On May 25th the first episode of the podcast debuted with Shane Bacon and Marty Jertson as hosts. Shane Bacon is a national sports broadcaster, podcaster, and writer who has spent most of his life around golf. Marty Jertson is PING’s vice president of fitting and performance. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode 1

In this first episode, Shane and Marty tell us a little bit about what to expect for the future of the podcast while also sharing some of PING’s equipment design process. In the intro of the podcast they give a very clear and simple mission statement that is to “tell some fun stories about what goes on here to help golfers play better golf.” Regarding the future of the podcast, Shane tells us that we can expect interviews from professional players, insight on new PING products and the design process behind them, and tips that make golf less complex for the average golfer.

Image credit to The Golf Wire

The first episode of the podcast starts strong as Marty gives listeners an in-depth look at the PING design and testing process behind each club. He shares that the podcast, PING Proving Grounds, is named after PING’s driving range where they collect data for their new clubs. Data is gathered for each club as they are meticulously tested by players across all skill levels. This allows PING to create specialized products for any golfer despite their skill level.

The PING Proving Grounds podcast is an exciting new wealth of information in the world of golf. The podcast provides information that is useful to new golfers and veterans alike. With their entertaining and insightful first episode, fans are likely anticipating the release of episode two.

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