PING Prodi G Junior Golf Clubs Revolutionize Junior Golf

The New PING Prodi G Junior Golf Clubs bring Junior golf Gear to a whole new level.

Before this, most junior golf club options were a one-size-fits-all take it or leave it type of approach because of how often kids grow out of their clubs.

However, PING wants to change that by bringing customization to the world of youth golf and doing it in a way that makes it affordable for you parents and even better for your little golfer who maybe, just maybe, wants to grow up to be a pro.

These clubs are built for kids between the ages of 7 and 13 so that they are a bit more advanced and capable of making good contact with the ball depending on how much training they have gotten.

The Prodi G Junior Clubs can be custom-fit to almost any specification that your kids needs based on their fitting including shaft length, lie angle, loft, bag mix and more so that you can can get them exactly what they need to take their game to the next level and help them build confidence.

From driver to putter, these clubs have been engineered to reflect the feats of some of the most popular PING products including the G410 and the PING Voss putter.

Additionally, all these clubs are super lightweight and aerodynamic so that your little one, no matter their age, will have no trouble swinging the club and hitting great shots!

And if all that wasn’t enough, because PING knows that they are going to grow they have a very special offer for those of you that buy these clubs.

One time, you can go get refit for your clubs and send them back to PING with the new specs such as length, lie angle and more and get them sent back to you with all of the adjustments for FREE.

If you want to learn more about these clubs, we give the full review in the video above and if you would like to buy a set you can here.

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