PING: Perfecting Your Game Through Golf Ball Fitting

The PING Podcast’s Guide to Golf Ball Fitting

PING is one of the most renowned golf companies in the world. The brand’s products can be found in any golf company under the sun and recognized by pros and amateurs alike. PING is constantly pushing the limits of club design and producing innovative clubs, no one knows what they will invent next. One thing is for sure, and it is that PING did not achieve its success by producing anything less than the best.

On Episode 11 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast, Shane and Marty dive into the importance of being properly fit for the correct golf ball, and discuss spin vs. aerodynamics, the Ballnamic fitting tool, how PING engineers use Sling Man, and the importance of fitting both club and ball together synergistically.

Episode 11: Understanding the Importance of Golf Ball Fitting

In the latest episode of the Ping Podcast, Shane and Marty embarked on an exciting journey into the world of golf ball fitting, unraveling the secrets behind optimizing your golf game. It’s not just about hitting the greens with the right club; selecting the perfect golf ball is equally vital for precision and performance.

Balancing Spin and Aerodynamics

Marty enlightened listeners about the significance of considering both spin rate and aerodynamics when choosing the ideal golf ball. Ping’s innovative Ballnamic fitting tool, a revelation in golf technology, allows golfers to tailor their ball choice to match their playing style. This online tool combines a treasure trove of Ping’s ball testing data with personal preferences. It empowers golfers to find their ideal golf ball.
The key takeaway here is that selecting the right ball can enhance your accuracy and distance. It can take your game to the next level.

Maximizing Your Golf Performance

Furthermore, Shane and Marty explored the incredible world of Ping’s technology, including the enigmatic Sling Man, a ball-launching machine. Sling Man’s capabilities in simulating different ball speeds, launch angles, and spins help engineers fine-tune ball flight conditions. And there’s even a golf ball cannon for testing clubface durability.

A Winning Strategy: Marty’s Tournament Victory

Intriguingly, Marty shared a personal victory story. He explained how understanding ball aerodynamics allowed him to switch balls strategically during a tournament, maximizing his performance and ultimately winning. This goes to show that golf ball fitting can be a game-changer for golfers looking to up their game. So, don’t forget to pair your club fitting with a golf ball fitting, achieving the perfect synergy that’ll make a world of difference on the golf course.

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