PING G430 3wood LST

Approach Long Fairway Shots With More Confidence Than Ever With the New PING G430 3wood LST


When approaching a challenging long par 4 or aiming to reach a par-5 in two shots, it is crucial to have complete confidence in your fairway wood. You need assurance that it will deliver solid contact, optimal speed, and a higher ball flight to successfully reach the green. With the G430 fairway woods, PING has incorporated the innovative Carbonfly Wrap technology to enhance distance by strategically positioning the center of gravity (CG) closer to the force line. This maximizes ball speed and allows for longer and higher carries. Additionally, the Facewrap and Spinsistency features, which have been proven to contribute to distance gains and spin consistency across the clubface, are also integral components of these fairway woods. The LFT generates more speed, higher launch and longer carries benefiting from a new weight-saving Carbonfly Wrap.

Features of the PING G430 3wood LST

Carbonfly Wrap

Carbonfly Wrap, an ultra-lightweight composite crown, wraps into the heel and toe sections of the skirt. By reallocating weight, it effectively lowers the CG, increases ball speed, and enhances forgiveness (MOI). Additionally, it contributes to the pleasing sound upon impact.

Facewrap Technology

The face of the PING G430 3wood LST, made from variable-thickness, high-strength maraging steel, extends into the sole and crown. Its thin design allows for increased flex, resulting in faster ball speed, higher launch, and greater distance.


This feature employs a variable roll radius, which reduces loft on the lower portion of the face. As a result, performance is improved, especially on thin shots, by reducing spin and increasing speed, yielding longer distances.

Adjust Loft, Lie

Trajectory Tuning 2.0 feature incorporates a lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve. With multiple different positions available, you can customize your trajectory for maximum distance and accuracy.

  • Available in Men’s
  • Available in Hand: Right & Left

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