Penfold Golf: A Storied Legacy on the Greens

Historic British golf brand relaunches across the pond, landing on

Penfold Golf Ball: A Storied Legacy on the Greens

Steeped in a history that dates back to 1927, Penfold Golf Ball stands as an iconic emblem in the expansive world of golf. With an origin deeply entrenched in the heart of Birmingham, England, this brand carries with it a saga of innovation, resilience, and unparalleled success.

Penfold Golf Ltd. factory in Birmingham, England circa 1927

From Humble Beginnings to Golfing Greatness

The Penfold journey begins with Albert Ernest Penfold. Having honed his expertise while designing the renowned “Maxfli” ball for Dunlop, he chose to pave his own path in 1927, establishing Golf Ball Developments Ltd. Nestled in Bromford Lane, this Birmingham factory soon birthed the Penfold balls – a testament to A.E.Penfold’s unique winding technique. This ingenious method allowed for extreme tension of the rubber thread, ensuring the balls boasted unerring accuracy and impressive distance.

In just a few years, the 1930s saw the innovative technique refined to perfection. Penfold’s precision in winding ensured minimal overlaps at the same point, further enhancing the performance of these golf balls.

Penfold was James Bond’s preferred golf ball in Goldfinger

Achievements, Sponsorships, and the Birth of an Icon

With an exemplary product in hand, Penfold soon ventured into tournament sponsorships. The brand’s debut in this realm was marked by the major Open Professional Tournaments at Royal Porthcawl GC in 1932 and 1936. The tournaments were a testimony to the unmatched quality of the Penfold balls, setting the stage for the brand’s ascendancy.

By the 1950s, Penfold had etched its name at the pinnacle of golf ball manufacturing. Their balls were distinguishable, each marked with unique card suits – Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. The iconic Penfold Dual-iD golf balls saw the light of day, leading the brand to an unprecedented achievement in the 1960s – producing over a staggering million balls in just one year.

The 60s also witnessed the birth of the Penfold Ace. With endorsements from legends like Gary Player and Seve Ballesteros, this ball soon became synonymous with excellence. 1964, in particular, was monumental for Penfold, with the Penfold Heart capturing the cinematic world’s imagination. Sean Connery, as James Bond in Goldfinger, proudly declared, “Here’s my Penfold Hearts,” catapulting the brand into legendary status.

The Penfold Tournament ran from 1932-1974 across the United Kingdom

Continued Dominance and Legacy

The 70s heralded continued success for Penfold. The brand marked its indomitable presence by sponsoring the PGA Championship on the European Tour, now famously remembered as the Penfold PGA Championship. Royal St Georges was graced thrice by this event, with golfing maestros like Arnold Palmer, Neil Coles, and Manuel Pinero clinching victories.

One of the defining moments for Penfold came in 1979 when Seve Ballesteros clinched the Open Championship title using a Penfold Tradition golf ball.

The Penfold Promise

Understanding Penfold’s journey gives one a profound appreciation for its dedication to quality, innovation, and tradition. This is not just a brand; it’s an era, an experience, and a legacy. For enthusiasts and professionals alike, Penfold doesn’t merely offer a golf ball; it promises a connection to a historic journey, epitomizing the spirit of the game itself.

As Penfold Golf continues to embrace its storied past while innovating for the future, one can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia, pride, and excitement. For with every swing, one is not just playing a game but becoming a part of an illustrious history. is among the very first accounts to be carrying this newly relaunched brand in the United States—try it for yourself! 

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