Slazenger Select Distance Golf Balls Now on Sale!

Slazenger Select Distance Golf Balls are great quality golf balls now at an unbelievable price

Slazenger Select Distance Golf Balls are regularly $19.99 for a dozen, now on sale for a limited time for $9.99!

The Slazenger Select Distance ball is created with a high energy core with two-piece construction and a 402 dual radius dimple pattern offering better trajectory and distance.

The Dupont Surlyn and lotek blend cover provides low spin off the driver for long carry. The new large core technology features a high C.O.R. for maximum energy transfer yet still give the feel you expect.

Don’t delay, pick up a dozen or more balls while they are still on sale!

How to Customize Your PING Putter With Etched Lettering

Through a program called PING WRX, we are able to offer incredible customization options to our customers and one of those options is custom etching on your new PING putter!

With this option, you can add an etching in block or cursive lettering to the face, heel, toe or sole of the putter depending on the make and model.

This is a great way to make it extra special if you are getting the putter for someone as a gift for their birthday, anniversary, or some other occasion as you can add important dates, nicknames and more.

To do this, all you have to do is have the putter of your choice in your cart, then search PING WRX and find the “etched Lettering” option. Select this option, add your message in the special instruction section and, once you are done, just add this to your cart, check out and that etching will be applied.

If you want to learn more, just watch the video above and if you want to add this item to your order you can find it here.

How to Get Started Playing Golf?

Golf can be a daunting sport to enter. It is often said to have one of the highest barriers to entry of any sport. After equipment, lessons, and green fee costs, it can be an expensive sport to enter. Likewise, starting golf can require an immense amount of training and practicing time. If you or someone you know is looking to get into the game, then here are some easy ways to get started.


Golf equipment can be exceptionally expensive. We recommend beginners who are looking to save money start with a box set of clubs. Morton Golf Sales and the Haggin Oaks Super Shop have complete sets starting at $199.99. These sets come with every club needed to begin. They also include a golf bag for that price. This can be an excellent option for a beginner. Additionally, used equipment can provide a good bargain. At Haggin Oaks there are used club sales periodically throughout the summer. This can be an excellent opportunity for anyone to get some lightly used equipment at great prices.


Purchasing your equipment is only part of starting to golf. The hardest part is getting proficient at playing. Luckily, Haggin Oaks offers a wide range of lesson packages. There are solo lessons and group lessons as well. Luckily, there are a ton of varying price ranges for these lessons. There are some truly affordable options that aim to get even the most inexperienced players out on the course.

Green Fees

Green fees scare off a lot of potential golfers. However, there are some strategies to save money when it comes to purchasing a tee time. Make sure to subscribe to email newsletters to get the latest sales and promotions. Also make sure to book your times online. Most places offer cheaper times if you broke online. Lastly, golf at non-peak times. Most courses utilize dynamic pricing. That means peak times are more expensive, but non-peak times are very cheap.

How to Customize the Weight of Your PING Putter

Morton Golf Sales is one of the few retailers in the country that offers the PING WRX program to our customers and with this, you are able to customize your PING putter in INCREDIBLE ways.

One of which is by being able to customize the weight of your putter by adding tungsten inserts to certain aspects of your clubs. You can add this weight to the heel, toe, back or other areas of the putter head depending on the model and this can help your game in two ways…

  1. It can help you hit more consistent and straighter puts as a result of the club reacting better to slight miss-hits.
  2. You can adjust the club to the weight you are used to so that you don’t have to adjust to a new club weight and can keep your old swing.

Having this ability to manipulate the weight of your club has a huge impact on your game which is exactly why PING has made it available to all of our customers!

If you want to find out how to add this customization to your next club, just watch the video above!

If you would like to add it to your order, you can here.

How to Add Custom Colors To Your PING Putter

Have you ever wanted to create a customized putter that is one of a kind?

Maybe one that has your favorite color in it, the colors of your favorite team, or of your country? If so, then this video will tell you exactly how to do just that through a program called PING WRX.

Morton Golf Sales is one of very few retailers in the country to offer this program to our customers and what it does is allow you to change elements of your favorite putter to make it custom to your style and skill level.

One of the coolest things that you can do is add custom color accents from a range of 9 total colors to any of the design elements of the club such as the model name, numbers and even the word “PING” that is etched on each club.

Want to know how to add this to your order and create a custom putter exactly to your liking? Watch the video above to find out how!

You can add it to your cart here, but make sure you order a putter as well to be able to apply it to!

The Science Behind Golf’s Newest Putters

Over the last couple of months, there have been a few new putters that have created awesome breakthroughs in the game of golf and have some awesome science behind them. In this post we break them down, explain their differences and talk about what you should be looking for when you’re shopping!

Below we have listed 6 of the most notable new putters, what makes them special and how to discover which one is right for you.

PING Sigma G

PING has a brand new line called the Sigma G and they’re using some awesome new technology as well as some things that have been in their lines previously to create a great putter.

On the face of the golf club, there are actually some special lines that initially draw your attention. Then, upon looking further, you will also notice that there is a bit more material on the sides of the face than in the middle.

What that does is if you hit the ball in the middle, it’s going to roll at a certain distance. But, if you hit a putt on the heel or toe, it’s actually going to roll out slightly farther, because there’s more material taken out of the center of the putter, and put on the sides of the putter.

Typically when you hit a ball off the heel or toe of a putter, it doesn’t roll nearly as far as when you hit it in the middle. So, what Ping has done is they’ve artificially taken it and made it slightly duller in the very center, and more pronounced on the sides. It’s totally legal with USGA and is basically compromising any deficiencies that you might have in your putting stroke.

Additionally, on the very tip of the grip of this putter, there’s actually a tool that goes down into it that and twists counterclockwise and clockwise, telescoping the grip up and down the shaft.

So whereas in the olden days you get a putter that might be 32, or 33, or 35 inches, this putter can go anywhere from 32 inches all the way to 36 inches, all within one single putter.

From a stocking standpoint, it’s made it really easy because we can actually fit anyone with any model of putter. All of the Sigma 2 putters have this and I would imagine that as they continue to evolve and add new putter lines, they’re going to have more and more of these putters.

SeeMore Putters

Number two is the SeeMore putters. We’ve carried SeeMore for a long time, but they have a variety of new mallet and blade heads that are available now with both cast and milled putter heads.

With the SeeMore putters, you’re actually going to see a little red dot on the heel. This is there because when you’re lining up your putt, you know that you’re directly over the ball when you can’t see the red. If you are in front or behind the ball, you will be able to see that red dot which means you aren’t correctly lined up.

When you’re set up correctly, you can’t see that red dot anymore, and you should only see the two white lines. This actually allows you to create a perfect setup and get perfectly aligned for every putt! When you can eliminate that red dot from your view you know you are set up correctly over the top of the ball.

Most people think that they’re lined up properly when they’re over a putt but actually, most of us, perhaps as many as 90% of us, are not. This includes Tour players.

This is why when we putt and things go left or right at the hole, we just aren’t lined up correctly.

So the cool thing about this new SeeMore putter is that red dot alignment aid and they have that on all SeeMore putters. It’s a unique standard thing that they put across their line on both their cast and their milled putters. That’s one of their biggest selling points.

Additionally, they have a center shaft with a groove in the middle and what they’re doing with this is they’re taking materials out of the back of the putter, and actually moving them back to increase the moment of inertia, which we’ll go into a bit later in this blog.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

Next, we have the Odyssey putter and their brand new model called the Stroke Lab.

Odyssey is one of the best putter sellers out there with a number of different models!

Two big notable things with this putter are the face and the shaft. First, let’s discuss the face of the putter. You’ll see some little ridges in here that are small levers that are actually not flushed with the putter face.

If you looked at a microscope and looked at those ridges, they’re actually angled up against the putter face, almost like small scales.

These ridges are tiny springs so that when you hit the putter, it launches that ball back up and creates overspin on the ball which reduces ball bounce and skid so that you have a smoother, more accurate putt.

Having overspin on the ball sooner is going to create a more true roll and get you closer to the target that you’re aiming at.

The other big feature on this is actually Odyssey’s new Stroke Lab putter shaft. It’s half steel and half graphite which creates a counterbalanced putter with almost no torque on the shaft.

What this does is move weight up the end of the grip, add more weight at the bottom of the grip and try to take weight out in the middle. This will create a more pendulum-like stroke in concert with our hands. That should, therefore, create a smoother more consistent putt time and time again, as well as creating a more easily repeatable motion.

Additionally, Golf Digest recently gave this putter five out of five stars.

Odyssey O-Works Line

Odyssey also has their O Works line which includes their famous two ball putter. With the two-ball putter, you can see two discs on the top. When you line those discs up with a golf ball, the two discs and ball will create an alignment line that can be used to line up your putt. Statistics have shown that having the ability to line up putts like this towards the hole has made a phenomenal difference in a golfer’s confidence.

This putter comes in a number of different, styles, colors and designs so that it can be made to fit the preferences of almost any golfer.

Scotty Cameron

Let’s talk moment of inertia here. So with the brand new Cameron putters, the Futura and Concept, you’re going to see how it has this kind of spacecraft shape.

The Futura is made of aluminum, which is CNC milled, and it’s very lightweight, with the exception of these two discs that are in the back. Those are actually heavy tungsten screws that put more weight on the back of the putter.

What most companies are trying to do with mallet designs is that, while a blade putter is usually narrow from face to the back and all of them are the same distance in from heel to toe, a mallet putter can be almost any shape and size.

There are a million different wild designs here, but what the vendors are trying to do with mallets, is actually move the center of gravity further back.

With a blade putter, the center of gravity is right up towards the face of the putter and right behind the center spot. What happens is that when you hit a ball off the heel or toe, the putter will twist, causing you to lose power and the ball to roll off course.

But, with a mallet patter, they’re able to get the center of gravity moved back in the golf club which causes less twisting in the clubface. This same concept is used in almost all clubs, namely, drivers where we are seeing more and more tungsten weights that are putting the center of gravity farther in the back of the club and reducing twisting of the clubface.

With the two big heavy tungsten screws in the Cameron putter, the center of gravity, that moment of inertia, is dramatically increased because that weight is pushed back in the golf club causing the heel or toe to twist far less.

So if you hit the ball with a center of gravity that is farther back then it won’t twist as much on impact with the ball and allow you to hit it as hard as anticipated even if you happen to hit it more on the heel or toe because it requires a lot more energy to cause your club to twist in this case.

Taylor Made Spider

Here is another mallet putter, the Taylor Made Spider Putter. Dustin Johnson and Jason Day made these really famous a couple of years ago and they are actually now available in any color combination that you could want.

This putter is also made of aluminum like the Cameron, very lightweight metal. You’ll also see on this club two black marks that are actually two very heavy tungsten weights that go off the back and that moves that center of gravity back in the golf club and allows you to increase the moment of inertia so that no matter where you hit on the face, it’s going to roll at the same distance and it’s going to roll it straighter.

How to Know Which is Best For You

The beautiful part about putters is that it’s all personal. Some people do not like the idea of using the mallet putters, even though the technology is proven to be able to help you. If you’re looking over it and you don’t have confidence that this is better for you then it won’t work.

With so many different weights, styles, colors, and a number of other variables, the best thing to do is to try them side by side and get fitted with the putter that works best for your skill level and playing style. Hit them side by side and actually narrow down for yourself what you feel most confident with.

8 reasons you should buy the Golf Buddy Laser 1S Laser Ranger Finder

If you are in the market for a new Range Finder and you’re not sure which one you should buy, this is what you should know about the Golf Buddy Laser 1S Range Finder.

The Golf Buddy Features: 

  • Pin finder with vibration mode and slope*
  • Slope feature provides slope-adjusted distances for elevation*
  • 6x Magnification
  • Wider LCD for better visibility
  • Water-resistant
  • 3 targeting modes (Standard, Scan, Pin)
  • Automatic shut-off after 10 seconds when left unattended
  • USGA / R&A compliant – legal for handicap & tournament play

This Range Finder is perfect for anyone. Whether you have a ton of experience using them or if this is going to be your first Range Finder, the Golf Buddy Laser 1S is very easy to use. Since it features a Wider LCD in comparison to the Original Golf Buddy Laser 1, this feature will help you to fully enjoy using this Rangefinder.

For the price of $279.99 as of 7/19/19, this is a really great deal that you should take advantage of on Morton Golf Sales. Plus on our site, you can get free shipping on this item.

If you have questions about the Golf Buddy Laser 1S Rangefinder, you can contact our sales team in a few different ways. One way is by reaching out to us on Live Chat, Email, or Call Toll-Free: 1-888-988-FORE (3673)

If you want to see reviews on other products that we have available on Morton Golf Sales, you should subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

What are Tour-Level Golf Balls?

Today golfers face so many choices when it comes to what ball to play. On Morton Golf Sales alone, there are over 90 different golf balls for sale. These balls come in a wide array of prices. The most expensive balls are typically advertised as tour-level balls. What does this mean though? Today we will cover what a tour-level ball is and whether it is right for you.


Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball Layers

This is the defining characteristic of a tour-level ball. Tour-level balls are made of multiple layers. This makes them expensive to produce. However, the different cores allow for increased spin and feel for golfers.


Titleist Pro V1x Urethane Covers Being Molded

Tour-level balls usually feature urethane covers. Urethane is a more expensive shell to produce than surlyn. Like the multi-layers, a urethane cover improves feel and spin. It is especially useful around the green. For Tour players, this is where they want the most improvement.


Like previously mentioned, the main benefit of a tour-level ball is short game performance. If you’re looking for pure forgiveness off the tee then a distance-oriented ball is probably better for you. Likewise, slower swing speed players usually benefit most from low compression balls. Therefore, tour-level are usually reserved for mid to low scoring players. It’s for the players that don’t need low compression and already is achieving the distance they want. Hope this sheds some light on what these tour-level balls are built for and why they are so expensive.

How to Get Into the Top 10% With Your Putting: Why People Just Can’t Line It Up!

Putting is one of the most important elements of your golf game, as well as being one of the leading sources of frustration for many. We all know that we need to work on it if we want to have any hope of finally getting our score where we want it (as well as our sanity).

However, many of us are missing very critical elements of our game as a result of starting off on the wrong foot. Working on distance, speed, green reads and all of that is very important, but if you don’t focus on this one thing first then your short game will never be quite right!

This key element is being correctly lined up over the ball.

So many people think that they are positioned correctly over the ball, yet when we actually look at it using modern-day technology (the SAM Putt Lab in the Super Shop here at Haggin Oaks), many of them (including the pros) are way off, causing the face of their club to not be square and your putts to inevitably go off course.

Some sources have said that up to 90% of putts are hit when the golfer isn’t correctly over the ball and the reason that this is so detrimental is that it screws up your perspective and causes you to not be aimed straight at the hole, and in most cases, fairly far from it general direction surprisingly!

So, how can join the elite top 10% of golfers by just lining yourself upright to the ball? Here are a couple of ways to work on this.

1.) Get Fitted at a SAM PuttLab

The SAM PuttLab is a type of machine that shoots a small laser at the face of your putter and shows you how accurately lined up you are to the hole. Having this testing done allows you to better understand your putting game, train more efficiently by training exactly what you need to work on, and give you key insights into what putter would be best for you.

2.) Try a SeeMore Putter

If you want a putter that will let you know exactly when you are square over the club and actually hitting the ball at center, the SeeMore putters are the perfect thing for you.

These putters have a unique red dot on the toe of the club that will disappear from your vision if you are standing perfectly over the club allowing you to putt more consistently and with more confidence.

So many people go in blind with their putting and never know when they are actually lined up. Don’t be like those people. Do everything you can to be able to consistently tell when you are over the ball.

As they say, “be consistently good instead of occasionally great.”

3.) Practice the Two Ball Putt Drill

Another great way to make sure that the face of your putter is square to the ground and that you are accurately lined up is by practicing the 2 ball putting drill where you hit two balls at the same time and if you can make them go the same speed and distance without hitting each other then you know that you are lined up correctly.

To learn more about that drill and see exactly how to do it, click here.

4.) Get a Coach

Lastly, if you really want to make sure you learn how to stay lined up to the ball then you should invest in lessons and work with a coach on your putting game. These lessons are often not as expensive as you think and have incredible benefits on your game!

Overall, that is how you can start to make great strides in improving your putting game by working on just one foundational thing. Let us know how it goes and if being aware of this common problem helps your game!

Longest Drives in Golf

Every golfer has dreamed of hitting the green off the tee every time. However, most of us can’t drive the ball that far, especially on those long par 4’s. Incredibly, some golfers are able to drive the ball consistently to the green and beyond. Today let’s take a look at the longest drives in the history of golf.

World Record Golf Drive

In 1974, Mike Austin supposedly hit a golf ball 516 yards in the US Senior Open qualifier. At the time, Mike Austin was 64 years old. The qualifier was played in Las Vegas. However, there is much controversy over the validity of this shot.

Guinness World Record (Below 1000m)

Today there is an entire industry around driving a golf ball as far as possible. These competitions have allowed people like Ryan Winther to make a career out of just driving golf balls. He currently holds the Guinness World record for the longest carry. He hit the ball 430 yards at Wente Vineyards on a carry. Ryan Winther’s longest competition drive is 485 yards. He also has the fastest ball speed recorded.

Undisputed Longest Golf Drive of All Time

The longest golf drive of all time was technically not on Earth. While Alan Shepard did hit a golf ball on the Moon, it is no longer the distance record. In 2006 Mikhail Tyurin hit a golf ball off the International Space Station. This ball is estimated to have orbited the Earth for over 3 days. It is predicted to have traveled between 1.26 million and 460 million miles. It orbited the Earth and burned up in Earth’s atmosphere. This makes this golf shot the undisputed longest drive champion.