Make A Phone Call With Sonic 1| Revo Black Sunglasses

SONIC 1 | REVO BLACK -The all-in-one Sonic 1 frame is the latest addition to our cutting edge Revo Black collection. You can receive and make calls with the new Sonic 1| Revo Black sunglasses. More than three years in the making, we’re introducing our first pair of multifunctional sunglasses so you can immerse yourself in sight and sound while tracking your health and fitness.

Tony a Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop teamsters wears SONIC 1 | REVO BLACK sunglasses at the Driving Range.

SONIC 1 | REVO BLACK has 11 hours’ worth of nonstop music or 8 hours of phone calls

Directional stereo speakers also allow you to enjoy music on the move without interruption. Sonic 1’s unrivaled battery life gives you 11 hours’ worth of nonstop music or 8 hours of phone calls. This lightweight frame features easy magnetic charging- perfect for people on the go; temples with retainer cord capability, and adjustable end tips that can straighten or bend for optimal comfort.

SONIC 1 | REVO BLACK Has The Most Down-To-Earth Lens

This frame has our most down-to-Earth lens, Evergreen. Our favorite polarized brown-based, light green mirror coated lens.

SONIC 1 | REVO BLACK For Golfers

Perfect for golf and hiking but also a fashionable everyday look boasting warm, high-definition colors with contrast.


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