Little Known PING Program, PING WRX, Allows Golfers to Get One of a Kind, Custom Putters!

Morton Golf Sales is one of the very few accounts in the United States that has an authorized online account with PING and is one of fewer still that actually use this special department inside their tour department, called PING WRX, to build one-of-a-kind special works of art specific to each customer that wants it.

PING WRX can take a putter, from one of their original designs all the way up to their more modern designs, and actually add elements to the putter to make them one-of-a-kind and specific to you.

We use our putters more than any of our other clubs and it should represent you.

The customizations that you can make to your putter through PING WRX include:

  1. Adding tungsten weight in the heel, toe, face or sole of the putter.
  2. Adding or taking away site dots.
  3. adding or taking away site lines.
  4. Custom etchings on the putter.
  5. Custom paint fills with the colors of your choice.
  6. Adding sound slots to change the feel and sound.

We’ve even had customers take an old design like a Scottsdale Anser and have it cast in a metal that had never been done before.

PING can do literally do nearly anything to almost any putter to make it unique to your game and we have all of these elements available on our website!

You can find all of our customization options here or you can simply call us at (916) 808-0977 and our customer service team can walk you through all of the different things that can be done to your PING putter to make it the most unique thing in your golf bag.

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