Introducing the new Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters

Powered by a new, revolutionary, AI-designed insert, the Ai-ONE putter get players closer to the hole than ever before.

Even the best players in the world miss the center of the face from time to time. When you miss that center hit, your ball doesn’t roll as far as you intended and you end up farther from the hole or outright missing your putt. Now with Odyssey Ai-ONE, Callaway has leveraged their industry-leading artificial intelligence and super-computing capabilities to create the most advanced insert and putter in golf.

Using their artificial intelligence, the Ai-ONE insert is covered in aluminum contours to promote consistent ball speed across the face. It includes a molded, grooved, White Hot urethane layer that gives the classic White Hot feel that pros and amateurs love. The putters sport a set of changeable front weights to allow golfers to customize the putter to their exact specifications. In addition to the regular Ai-ONE, Odyssey also offers a milled face version for players who prefer the precision they offer.

The Odyssey Ai-ONE putter is now available with many different head styles, with more on the way in February. Want to try it out in person? Discover for yourself how Ai-ONE can change your game at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop!

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