How to Customize the Weight of Your PING Putter

Morton Golf Sales is one of the few retailers in the country that offers the PING WRX program to our customers and with this, you are able to customize your PING putter in INCREDIBLE ways.

One of which is by being able to customize the weight of your putter by adding tungsten inserts to certain aspects of your clubs. You can add this weight to the heel, toe, back or other areas of the putter head depending on the model and this can help your game in two ways…

  1. It can help you hit more consistent and straighter puts as a result of the club reacting better to slight miss-hits.
  2. You can adjust the club to the weight you are used to so that you don’t have to adjust to a new club weight and can keep your old swing.

Having this ability to manipulate the weight of your club has a huge impact on your game which is exactly why PING has made it available to all of our customers!

If you want to find out how to add this customization to your next club, just watch the video above!

If you would like to add it to your order, you can here.

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