Fun indoor golf games you can play this winter.

Don’t let the Snow or Rain ruin your fun this winter. We’ve compiled a few indoor golf games that are perfect for days when you can’t get outdoors.

First on our list is a fun Putting game that is perfect to play with friends and family. The Golf Pool Indoor Putting Game is for ages 6 and up. It basically combines the challenge of golf and pool into one.

It’s pretty simple to play. Just roll out the green mat (similar to that of the fabric found on a pool tabletop) in the den, finished basement, or any level surface indoors, velcro® the rails along the edges, and take turns shooting the balls into the pockets-just like the real thing.

The Golf Pool Indoor Putting Game is great for improving hand-eye coordination, strategy and awesome memories that you will cherish forever.

The kit includes the green mat (with new packaging to reduce the chance of wrinkles and creases), carbon fiber golf clubs, 16 golf balls, rails.

Order the Golf Pool Indoor Putting Game online today!

Golf Pool Indoor Putting Game

The next game on our list will make you laugh far before it even arrives at your home. It is called the Pot N’ Putt Bathroom Golf Putting Game. That right! This game is designed to be played while you’re on the potty. We laughed when we first saw it too. In the box, you’ll find a Putter, Putting Green, 2 Golf Balls, a cup with a flag, and a door hanger. A door hanger? Yes, a door hanger so everyone knows that you are Putting while you’re handling business.

Pot N’ Putt Bathroom Golf Putting Game

Last, but certainly not on this list is the Ball Bounce Target Game. This is another fun game that is intended to be enjoyed by anyone ages 5 and up. You can challenge a group of friends, nieces, nephews, and many more to a round of ball-bouncing target tossing. The Ball Bounce Target Game can be played both indoors and outdoors and makes a great ice breaker for any party or social gathering.

It is very easy to play. Just take aim and try to score by bouncing the ball off of the bounce pad. Another perk of this game is that it’s very easy to assemble so you can transport from place to place.

Ball Bounce Target Game

All of these games can be ordered on Morton Golf Sales where you can find games, golf balls, golf clubs, apparel, and technology for your next round of golf.

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