Episode 3 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast

Episode 3 of the PING Podcast has been released, discussing the significance of club fittings.

The latest installment of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast, hosted by Shane Bacon and Marty Jertson, is now available. In this episode, they emphasize the importance of having properly fitted clubs. The discussion covers various aspects of club fittings, including insights from tour players and casual golfers. They delve into topics such as the frequency of fittings, key considerations during a fitting session, the mindset one should adopt, and the relevance of fittings for all golfers. The duo debunks the misconception that only elite players should undergo fittings, asserting that all golfers can benefit from them.

How Frequently Should you get Fitted?

Shane and Marty suggest that advanced golfers should consider getting fitted once or twice a year. The same recommendation applies to casual golfers. Given that swing tendencies can change significantly over a year, the clubs that were previously customized may no longer suit the evolving swing. Golfers, therefore, need to continually adapt their clubs to keep pace with their game.

What to Focus on During a Fitting?

With the advancements in technology, there is a wealth of statistics to consider during a fitting, which can be overwhelming. Shane and Marty offer guidance on which stats are the most crucial. They concur that ball speed is a vital metric to prioritize, as higher ball speeds translate to longer shots. Another important statistic to pay attention to is dispersion, which indicates shot consistency. Instead of fixating on the best shot, it’s necessary to analyze the average shot. While multiple statistics hold significance, these particular ones are often overlooked but essential. It’s important to note that just because a stat can be measured doesn’t mean it should be.

Approach With an Open Mind

When attending a club fitting, maintaining an open mind is crucial. Shane and Marty highlight the expertise of club fitters combined with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to identify clubs that may surpass one’s initial expectations. They recount instances where individuals entered fittings with a specific club preference but left the fitting with an entirely different selection of clubs. Although you will test numerous clubs during the fitting, staying receptive and trusting your fitter’s expertise will lead to the best outcome.

Club Fitting is for Everyone

Dispelling the belief that fittings are only for skilled golfers, Shane and Marty claim that every golfer can experience benefits from a fitting. PING fitting technology can determine the right club size for 95% of golfers simply by considering their measurements. Even if a golfer’s swing consistency is lacking, having clubs of the appropriate size can significantly enhance their game.

The PING Proving Grounds Podcast continues to provide invaluable insights to golfers across the nation. Consider exploring club fittings and, if you need further persuasion, you can listen to the podcast yourself. To book your club fitting, visit the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, renowned for delivering exceptional personalized fitting experiences in Sacramento.

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