The Cleveland CBX2 Wedge For the Cavity Back Golfer

The Cleveland CBX2 wedge is out and although it may look like the average blade “at address” it is totally new and AWESOME! (Check out Cleveland’s video below to see just how awesome it is!)

Your short game is one of the most critical elements of having any success in golf, yet so many players don’t give it the attention it deserves, both in equipment and practice.

Well, the new Cleveland CBX2 wedges were created to solve half of that equation.

Cleveland decided that rather than creating the usual blade style wedge, that they should instead create a cavity-backed wedge for “the cavity-backed golfer.” Their goal is to help the everyday golfer lower their scores and gain consistency in their short game.

To give the everyday golfer this kind of consistency, forgiveness, and control with a wedge, they have done a few things that have created a huge impact.

1.) Impossible Center of Balance

These are their words, not mine, but ultimately Cleveland has a centrally located center of gravity rather than the usual heel based COG so that the clubface can work with you to be square on impact with the ball.

They have been able to do this by reducing weight in the hosel, creating cavities in the back of the club, increase the width of the sole near the toe without changing it much near the heel and more.

All of this has come together to create a center of gravity that is right in the middle, near the bottom of the face, perfectly positioned to help you hit more consistently!

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2.) Dynamic Sole technology

With this new wedge, they have created a dynamic sole that varies in width between the heel and sole of the club to allow for even more forgiveness both on chunked shots, topped shots or those that you hit on the heel or toe.

Additionally, this helps to maximize the perimeter weighting of the club giving you even more guidance to keep the clubface square and on target.

3.) Hollow Cavity Design

Next and most notably is the hollow cavity design of this wedge.

Usually, wedges tend to have a blade style for both the aesthetic and to appeal to the liking of golfers, however, this wedge has been specifically designed to have a cavity back all while looking like a blade.


Because doing this allows this club to give you more forgiveness and prevent you from chunking the ball so that you can hit more consistent shots and get even more overall forgiveness.

4.) Rotex Face Technology

Lastly, this Cleveland wedge comes equipped with Rotex technology on the face which combines grooves with more grooves and then even more grooves so… you’ll get the spin you want on the ball.

This technology creates awesome spin for almost any golfer who is looking for those one bounce stops on the green!

Overall, these new wedges are packed with features to help the cavity back golfer finally get a wedge that fits their playing style.

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