6 Golf Tips to Building a Pre-Shot Routine

Building a Pre-Shot Routine

Improve your game with these 6 steps before every shot. 

  1. Choose the final target while being as specific as you can. Instead of choosing the green, choose which side of the flagstick you need/want to hit it to.
  2. Choose a spot no more than three feet in front of the ball (a speck of dirt, blade of grass, anything that stands out to you) that lines up with your final target.
  3. Point the face of the club at the chosen spot.
  4. Align your hips and shoulders so that they are parallel with your target line.
  5. Take one final look at your target, visualizing your shot.
  6. Picture your target in your mind as you make your swing.

To be a more consistent player, it’s vital that you build and work through a pre-shot routine before every single shot. Even on the driving range.

Shaun Barnes is a PGA Professional at the award-winning Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA. Barnes specializes in club-fitting and golf lessons and looks forward to reading your comments below.

If you have suggestions for future golf tips that you would like covered, please leave a comment below or contact Shaun Barnes via email.

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