10 Most Spookiest Golf Courses in North America

As Halloween approaches, everyone loves to hear some spooky stories. We here at Haggin Oaks are no different. Therefore, we have pieced together a list of ten allegedly haunted golf courses in North America. Hope you enjoy and if you have any stories of your own feel free to comment them down below

City Park, New Orleans, LA

According to local legend, in the 1960s a man shot and killed a woman finishing her round of golf on the 18th hole. Since then, many golfers supposedly have heard the sound of a gunshot and a chilling woman’s scream. Allegedly, golfers have gone as far as calling 911 to report their experience. While historical evidence of any “original” murder has yet to be found, reports of City Park’s haunts continue to surface.

Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield, NJ

In the winter of 1831, a farmer named Boltus Roll was brutally murdered by two intruders. His wife fled during the attack but returned to find his lifeless body tied up near the gate of their house. The attack became a local legend. In 1895 the newly created Baltusrol Golf Club would be named after the murder victim. Today “Old Balty” allegedly stalks the courses of Baltusrol Golf Club. Perhaps he searches for his killers or maybe he simply longs to find his wife again.

Aetna Springs, Pope Valley, CA

While currently closed, the Aetna Springs Golf Course is supposedly the final resting place of eight 16th century monks. Believed to be tortured to death by rival Spaniards, these monks are alleged to wander the course in their translucent white robes and shaven heads. In 1963, a doctor playing the course snapped this photo of the monks. Perhaps the lack of golfers on the premises lately has increased the spectral activity

Montgomery National Golf Club, Montgomery, MN

Tucked away under a large cottonwood tree near the first hole of the Montgomery National Golf Club are two gravestones of the original settlers of the property. One of these settlers supposedly strolls the course in his hat and overalls. His apparition is seen by golfers in the early morning light. Additionally, one of the golf club’s deceased founders is said to still be checking in on the course. His pale face is often seen peering into windows. Nothing as unsettling as being watched by the undead.

Trails West, Ft. Leavenworth, KS

One winter in the 1880’s Catherine Sutter traveled through Ft. Leavenworth with her two children. Her children mysteriously disappeared one night. Some say they were cared for by local Native Americans while others say they were killed. Either way, the legend says that Catherine spent the remainder of the winter desperately searching for her children. Ultimately, she would succumb to an illness brought on by exposure. Today she is claimed to be seen at night searching the grounds of Trail West for her loved ones. People claim to see a lone lantern floating through the golf course. This grieving spectral is sure to send chills down even the bravest golfers.

The Garrison, Garrison, NY

Located in the same valley as “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, this course already is unnerving. However, when a 19th-century graveyard overlooks the 14th green, there is definitely an eeriness that cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is no surprise golfers have reported strange happenings on the course. If you ever find yourself teeing off at The Garrison Golf Course be sure to watch your surroundings. You never know what may be lurking in the woods.

Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia, Peoria, AZ

The spirits that haunt this course are different than the others on this list. Believed to be related to the Native Americans that once resided there, strange winds patterns can be seen while playing the course. the whirlwinds move in irregular and bizarre ways. Native Americans in the area refer to them as “restless spirits”. Perhaps these desert winds often seen on the golf course are spirits who met an untimely demise in the area’s bloody history.

Lincoln Park, San Francisco, CA

The Lincoln Park Golf Course was not just built near a cemetery. It was built ON a cemetery. Officially the cemetery is said to have been relocated in 1909. However, the 18th hole is said to be built on top of an unremoved portion of the old Golden Gate Cemetery. That would make this course home to over 1,000 corpses. Definitely, something to keep in mind as you hit off the 18th tee box. Golfers have been known to report golf balls vanishing or being struck from the air by mysterious forces. Maybe tread lightly on this course. Don’t want to disturb anyone below you.

Victoria Golf Club, Victoria BC

This beautiful Canadian golf course is over 125 years old. However, its past is not as innocent as its beauty. In 1936 Doris Gravlin had a meeting one night out on the course with her estranged husband. What exactly transpired is still unknown. Her body would be discovered by a caddie five days later along the shoreline of the course. A month later the body of her husband would be discovered by a fisherman near the course as well. Today the event is believed to have been a murder-suicide. However, what exactly transpired that infamous night will never be fully known. Today nearly everyone who visits the course, even the general manager, claims to have experienced the restless ghost of Doris Gravlin. There are many sightings of Doris all around the property in the same white gown she died in. Even the security cameras have supposedly caught evidence of her presence on the course. It seems no solo golfers really play Victoria Golf Club alone.

Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz, CA

Alister Mackenzie, the original designer of our own Haggin Oaks, believed the crowning jewel of his career was Pasatiempo Golf Club. His American home can even be found along the sixth fairway. When the great Alister Mackenzie died on a cold day in 1934, his ashes were spread across the sixteenth green of his beloved course. Today, many golfers claim to catch a glimpse of the golfing legend near his final resting place. Whether physically or spiritually it seems strangely beautiful for this golfing icon to rest for eternity at his favorite place on Earth. May we all be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him or his love for golf at Pasatiempo Golf Course

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