10 Exciting Golf Gifts

If you’re looking for some gifts for yourself, friends, or loved ones then we are here to help. This list is comprised of 10 golf gifts that would make excellent presents for any occasion for the golfers in your life.

Long Shot Impact Tape:

Long Shot Impact Tape is an excellent training tool. The self-adhesive backing allows them to be placed onto any club. The golf ball impacts are then clearly visible on the tape. This allows golfers to correct swing faults, build “Sweet Spot” consistency, and maximize equipment performance to get greater distance, lower scores, and improved accuracy.

Golf Themed Kitchen Sink Drainer

Need proof that you have everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to golf products or accessories? Now you can have the next best thing – the strainer for your kitchen sink! This fun gift fits most standard sinks, is lead-free and food-safe, and has a stainless steel basket

Bar-B-Que Set w/ Golf Club Handles

Nothing is better than treating your golfing buddies to some good old BBQ. Impress them with this unique golf club inspired set. This sturdy 5-piece bar-b-que set with golf club handles includes a fork, spatula, brush, and golf-ball shaped salt & pepper shakers.

Golf Abacus Bead Score Counter

Remembering the score has never been easier or more fun. Simply attach the Golf Abacus® to a belt loop or golf bag. Slide a bead down after each shot. Count the beads at the end of the hole and that’s the score. Simple. No second guesses. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Primeware Deluxe Golf Cooler Pack

Golf anyone? Deliver up a feast for two on the fairway with this golf bag style picnic pack. The thermally insulated pack has plenty of room for a chilled bottle and those gourmet treat your sweetheart loves. You will be the envy of the green. A great gift idea for any golf enthusiast!

Eyeline Golf Target Training Aid

The Target Circles have 3 important features: They are very thin so the ball rolls over the target without disturbance; They can fold into a variety of configurations – full circle, ½ or ¾ circles; They are made with sewn webbing hinges and shatter-resistant plastic to withstand the rigors of practice. The bright stripes can also be easily seen.

Daphne’s Animal Headcovers

Each animal (92 Different Options) is fully lined and elasticized to ensure a secure fit on your clubs. Each animal is guaranteed for life. Quality is inherent in each headcover with thread that is four times the necessary strength and fabrics designed to fend off the wear and tear of the sun’s UV rays. The headcovers are washable! Quality fur allows them to be hand-washed, dry cleaned or spot washed.

Par Three Putting Green

Step up your indoor putting with this Par Three Putting Green. This is a 3′ x 9′ putting green with lakes, sand traps and putting cup inserts. This makes a great gift for yourself or for any golfing enthusiasts in your life

WindGarden Golf Bag Spinner

Golf Spinners from Premier Designs will “stay on par” rain or shine on your lawn or garden. Whether it’s a trophy-winning pro or a weekend hacker, these golf spinners will delight everyone in the “club”. Constructed with UV resistant SunTex™ fabric. Featuring Premier’s heavy-duty hardware, patented low-friction hubs, and superior craftsmanship, WindGarden spinners are colorful, durable, moving works of art.

Unputtaball and Exploding Golf Ball

The Exploding Golf Ball lends itself to endless joke situations.  Try it.  Bet your partner that he can’t repeat that great long iron shot…drop the exploding golf ball on the fairway…and stand back for the biggest laugh ever! Or buy the Unputtaball Golf Ball and laugh as it jumps, balks, skids and gyrates away from the hole.

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