What are Tour-Level Golf Balls?

Today golfers face so many choices when it comes to what ball to play. On Morton Golf Sales alone, there are over 90 different golf balls for sale. These balls come in a wide array of prices. The most expensive balls are typically advertised as tour-level balls. What does this mean though? Today we will cover what a tour-level ball is and whether it is right for you.


Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball Layers

This is the defining characteristic of a tour-level ball. Tour-level balls are made of multiple layers. This makes them expensive to produce. However, the different cores allow for increased spin and feel for golfers.


Titleist Pro V1x Urethane Covers Being Molded

Tour-level balls usually feature urethane covers. Urethane is a more expensive shell to produce than surlyn. Like the multi-layers, a urethane cover improves feel and spin. It is especially useful around the green. For Tour players, this is where they want the most improvement.


Like previously mentioned, the main benefit of a tour-level ball is short game performance. If you’re looking for pure forgiveness off the tee then a distance-oriented ball is probably better for you. Likewise, slower swing speed players usually benefit most from low compression balls. Therefore, tour-level are usually reserved for mid to low scoring players. It’s for the players that don’t need low compression and already is achieving the distance they want. Hope this sheds some light on what these tour-level balls are built for and why they are so expensive.

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