Swing into Joy: The Fun Golf Accessory Gift Guide

Unwrap the Perfect Swing: Your Ultimate Golf Accessory Gift Guide for Stylish Head Covers, Whimsical Golf Balls, and More!

Welcome to our holiday golf accessory gift guide for golf enthusiasts! Here at Morton Golf Sales, we’ve handpicked a selection of accessories for the golfer in your life. From fun-themed golf balls to unique head covers and more, discover the perfect presents to add a touch of joy to their time on the fairway this holiday season.

Novelty Golf Ball

$2.99 Per Ball

Unbranded Golf Balls with fun and loved characters on them!

Great for playing on the course or as a collectible!

Stogies and Bogeys Cigar Holder


This cigar holder consist of two parts; The tee and the ball. The ball has a pin in the center for added stabilization. The cigar holder can be placed in the tee holder of the cart or the ground when teeing off or putting. When the tee is removed, the ball can be placed in the ball holder of the golf cart.

Desert Fox Golf Cart Phone Caddy


The best phone holder for golf, PERIOD.

Fully adjustable phone holder for golf carts

  • Phone slides in and out effortlessly for quick access to your phone
  • Fits smart phones with 4″- 7″ screens.
  • Fits all golf carts
  • Durable, high impact plastic
  • Includes microfiber bag with drawstring

Daphne’s Animal Headcovers 


Daphne’s is the only headcover that is guaranteed for life.

Each animal is fully lined and elasticized to ensure a secure fit on your clubs. Each animal is guaranteed for life. Inside the label of each headcover you will find Daphne’s Headcovers factory phone number. Should you have any problems with your headcover, they’ll fix it. Quality is inherent in each headcover with thread that is four times the necessary strength and fabrics designed to fend off the wear and tear of the sun’s UV rays. The headcovers are washable! Quality fur allows them to be hand washed, dry cleaned or spot washed. After washing, line-dry the headcover and blow dry them to fluff the fur back up.

Bag Boy Golf Backbone Travel Cover Support System


Travel cover support system designed to protect your clubs from impact while transporting them in your Bag Boy travel cover


  • Three telescoping sections easily collapse and expand for preferred protection length, adjusts up to 54 inches and collapses to 23.25 inches for compact storage
  • Oversize and durable polypropylene top cap for maximum club protection
  • Lightweight aluminum tubing won’t add weight to your travel bag
  • Push button to easily adjust length up to 54 inches
  • Precision lock spring loaded adjustment
  • Rubber foot cap on the bottom

EyeLine Golf Classic Putting Mirror Training Aid – Large


Check your alignment, eye position and shoulder alignment.

The Original EyeLine Putting Mirror has been the friend of thousands of great and not-so-great putters for over 15 years. It is perfect for checking all parts of your putting alignment and setup. Check your eyes, shoulders, putter face & more. Consistency is key!

Bag Boy Push Cart Seat


Walk your next round in maximum comfort with a padded seat!


  • Padded seat for maximum comfort
  • Durable construction and wide base for added stability
  • Compatible with Nitron, Tri-Swivel II, Quad XL, and Compact 3 push carts

Rypstick Speed Training Aid


Rypstick, the ultimate speed training aid. This all-in-one system features 3 interchangeable weights and an optional counterweight, offering golfers 8 unique combinations without the need to swap out heads. By dedicating just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week, to Rypstick in your training routine, you could see a remarkable 15-25 yards added to your driving distance, thanks to increased clubhead speed. Its compact design seamlessly fits in your golf bag, allowing you to build speed from anywhere – whether on the range or at home. Trusted by over 100 Tour athletes, 10 long drive competitors, and 1000+ teaching pros, Rypstick has been featured in Golf Digest and on MyGolfSpy, affirming its impact on the game.

As you swing into the holiday shopping season, dive into our Golf Accessory Gift Guide curated for golf enthusiasts. From eye-catching head covers to whimsical golf balls, we’ve gathered the best picks to ensure a memorable season on the greens. Explore the collection at mortongolfsales.com and make this holiday extraordinary for the golfer in your life. Happy gifting!

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