Evnroll Zero Putter with golf course background

Price Drop on Evnroll Zero Putter

Evnroll Zero Putters have dropped in price! If you’ve had your eye on trying out this putter, now is the time to do it!

ZERO tech details at a glance


Similar to face-balancing, with Faceforward Technology we align our shafts very close to the CG towards the toe of the putter instead of the face. This causes the face to point forward to the target line instead of straight up.


By placing a 70 gram steel rod along the entire length of the shaft, the hands can feel the precise angle of the face. The hands and the putter head are tied together creating a square zone before and after impact.

The golf ball-sized hollowed-out center is surrounded by a bold, white, ball-sized “zero” against the black anodized aluminum body. By adding a white, center line, the golfer is rewarded with effortless alignment.

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